Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Best Beauty--Beachy Waves a la Brigitte Bardot On Trend for Fall

Because Labor Day is considered the unofficial end of Summer, I spent most of my weekend celebrating in the surf at Santa Monica Beach.  I wasn't the only one...this is one of the busiest times of the year along the ocean.  Tourists come from all over the world to visit and locals pour in from all over LA to beat the heat.  Since I'm at the beach all the time, I can't tell you how many photos I've had taken of me...particularly near our surfboards and 1972 Le Mans convertible, and usually in some state of undress as I change in and out of my wetsuit.  People don't hesitate to chat even when a towel is the only thing wrapped around me, and one of the most popular questions has to do with my hair. 

Funny enough, the beachy waves that we surfer girls get are not the result of a lot of effort.  Rather, mine come largely as a byproduct of being in saltwater and fastening my hair in a bun on top of my head as it dries.  When I take my hair down, it looks a little something like Brigitte Bardot's (above) though not nearly so purposefully seductive.  Brigitte is the queen of this undone look, starting when And God Created Woman (1956) was set along the Mediterranean in Saint-Tropez.  In fact, her hair has been the subject of my most popular post on GlamAmor.  Julie Christie is another who has incredible texture in her hair and became a source of inspiration when she exploded in the 1960s with Darling (1965).  

These slightly messy textured waves have become a desirable look even for those who never hit the sand or surf.  There isn't a girl in young Hollywood or the fashion industry who doesn't have some version of this hairstyle.  It's a signature look for many A-list actresses, including Drew Barrymore and Kate Hudson.  In fashion, super models like Gisele Bundchen, Elle Macpherson, and all of Victoria's Secret have practically made it iconic.  It's even being featured in the magazines and runways for Fall, with drama found in mixing something like menswear with this ultra-feminine look.  The irony comes from the fact that this "wash and go" look is usually anything but, and stars often spend hours with stylists to make sure their perfectly imperfect waves look effortless.  

Though I blow dry my hair during the week, I air dry whenever possible and seem to be constantly looking for products I can use to get a similar effect to my time at the beach.  Few are capable of the magic combination of moisturizing and frizz control (without weighing hair down) while building body, keeping natural texture, and allowing some separation in your waves or curls.  Alas, my friends at Paul Mitchell--who are huge advocates of the ocean and environment--have put together a kit that helps you get this very look. 

Because everyone seems to have a love/hate relationship with the natural texture of their hair--from slight waves to the tightest of curls--Paul Mitchell approached these products with the same level of passion.  I got a sneak peak and am loving them so far, particularly the Full Circle leave-in conditioner.  A little goes a long way and combined with either their Ultimate Wave or Twirl Around (depending on how much curl you have and/or need), you will get some seriously sexy beachy hair.  There is so much excitement about the products that you are invited to share your own stories and photos of your curly or not-so-curly hair--your #curlconfessions--on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Make sure you do it...you will get your own products to try even before they really roll out in October!

But first, get inspiration for your styling efforts from the range of beachy hair shown here--from Brigitte Bardot in the 1950s to Jennifer Aniston today.  Looks like Summer is on trend as we head into Fall!

Step #1 Moisturize

Wash with the sulfate-free Spring Loaded shampoo
and leave in Full Circle after your shower

Step #2 Control

Choose the strength you need--for a little texture, scrunch in some Ultimate Wave
and for a lot of curl control choose Twirl Around

The queen of beachy waves Brigitte Bardot
and my own beachy texture while surfing the East Cape of Cabo San Lucas in Mexico

At the beach or riding a bike, Brigitte's hair is always the perfect amount of messy texture

2nd and 3rd generation Hollywood--Drew Barrymore (family includes John and Lionel Barrymore) 
and Kate Hudson (daughter of Goldie Hawn) both show their California roots with beachy hair

 High fashion--Alexandra Richards (Keith Richards' daughter) in August's VOGUE magazine
and model Jess Koops fresh from the Fall runways

Fashion's supermodels (and beach babes)--Brazil's Gisele Bundchen and Australia's Elle Macpherson

Julie Christie regularly rocked her hair's own natural texture in the 1960s

Jennifer Aniston regularly takes inspiration from Julie Christie, including a bob inspired by Shampoo, and Brigitte Bardot


Kay said...

I only wish my hair were long enough to rock this, Kimberly! Alas, for gray haired women, long, gnarly hair always comes across as an ooops, unless it's accompanied by an INCREDIBLY well-thought out "casual" look. It's a short step from groovy to granny with silver hair. I LOVE the texture and the beach chic. GREAT overview of a look that is literally everywhere! Love the Julie Christie snaps!

Kimberly Truhler said...

Thanks Kay! I actually don't think length has as much to do with it. As you know, my hair is much MUCH shorter (to the shoulders) and I prefer it even shorter than it is now. Julie Christie's hair was often just to the shoulders as well. It's much more about TEXTURE and this just offers another way to wear any length. There are many products out there now that help with that, and the Paul Mitchell ones are so great.

But I do hear you about your own set of challenges with the color of your hair, and you're right...more effort has to go into this "casual" look to keep it under control. Even with most of these models and actresses, a curling iron is brought in to do strategic waves throughout.

And you're right--this look is EVERYWHERE!

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