Monday, October 1, 2012

The Hair Style File--Milla Jovovich Always Makes Waves with 1940s Style

Whenever I look for hair inspiration, Milla Jovovich never disappoints.  She is a chameleon who is capable of capturing any era's style, but also always knows how to keep it modern rather than retro.  This ranges from the short flapper looks (complete with bejeweled headbands) of the 1920s to the long boho chic looks of the 1970s.  One decade she does particularly well--and it seems to be a repeat favorite of hers--is the style of the 1940s.  As you'll see, her own inspiration comes from my beloved classic cinema--lovelies like Lauren Bacall in her pin-curled bobs, Rita Hayworth in her side-swept waves, and Veronica Lake in her long cascading curls.  Get inspired by photo after photo of this cinema connection and then learn how to create these looks for yourself below.  

Short pin-curled bob a la Lauren Bacall

Medium length one-shouldered waves a la Rita Hayworth

Long cascading waves a la Veronica Lake

As you can see, 1940s style is all about working waves and curls into the hair no matter what the length.  In many cases, you can add variety to the look depending on how much curl you really want to have.  For instance, Veronica Lake's long locks could range from beachy waves to something more calculated and curly. 

For me, these looks used to be a real challenge.  Whenever I would try them, my naturally straight hair would fall flat.  So I started using products that enhanced the curl--usually intended for refining very curly hair--to help mine hold waves and curls better.  Paul Mitchell now makes a line called Truth About Curls that I use for a multitude of purposes.  The Spring Loaded shampoo is a must for the fact that I only use sulfate-free shampoo on my maintains your color and protects your scalp.  It's the way any of my looks begin.  The Full Circle Leave-In Treatment is something I live by now...putting it in my wet hair to condition as it air dries, or using it to prep and protect my hair if I decide to blow dry.  Then to really encourage my curls, I rub a little Twirl Around between my palms and lightly work through my hair to create smooth frizz-free curls with a curling iron or rollers.  Depending on the look, I may add a little volumizer for even more lift and finish with a light mist of hairspray for hold.  

How do you handle your own curls (or lack thereof)?  My friends at Paul Mitchell want to hear your #CurlConfessions on Twitter and Facebook.  And here are a couple of pages of "How To"--from yesterday and today--to help you work your curls into some seriously modern 1940s style.

Hair "How To" for Lauren Bacall's curls (above) and Veronica Lake's waves


DorianTB said...

Kimberly, having been a fan of gorgeous and talented Milla Jovovich since she was a teen, I'm delighted to see her rocking the Lauren Bacall look here in GLAM AMOR! Glamorous retro looks suit her! Great pictures!

Kimberly Truhler said...

Me too, Dorian! I am obsessed with her style-wise. Her face is so beautiful and also carries off any makeup style. But her hair...oh her hair. She can pull of any length, any style, and looks good every time. And again, the amazing thing is that she never looks costume-y or too terribly retro. Sometimes she really goes for it with 1920s style, but still...I give her a lot of latitude. But it's when she does any of the 1940s looks that I love the best and her "Lauren Bacall" is a favorite.

Love hearing from you--thanks for sharing!

Kay said...

LOoooooooooooooove this, Kimberly! That Lauren Bacall look is a total favorite of mine; probably because I have a similar cowlick in the front of my hair that spoings it up like hers. Thanks soooo much for sharing these tips. Can't wait to try the products and let you know how they work! Love, Kay

Kimberly Truhler said...

Thanks Kay! Yes, you're definitely rocking that length and look lately. I have that cowlick, too, so these looks work in our favor (for once!).

The products really do work at enhancing your natural waves and curls. What I've found is that a little goes a long way with any of them, so keep that in mind when you try them. Build up to the amount you need. And keep Paul Mitchell informed...they are DYING to hear about your #curlconfessions before, during, and after trying their products!

silverscreenings said...

I agree with Dorian - love Milla's short, wavy 40's "do". It is so cute!

Kimberly Truhler said...

Thanks Silver Screenings! Yes, isn't it too cute? It really shows how sexy short hair can be. And Milla looks amazing with that style. It just might be my favorite of all her looks (hence why I started with it ;) ). I love that we're all such a fan of Milla and her hair!

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