Monday, February 8, 2010

Welcome to GlamAmor!

"Where do you get all your great dresses?"  I have heard this more times than you can possibly imagine while at both work and play around Los Angeles.  

For nearly a decade, I have built my wardrobe from the vintage stores here.  What began as a simple need for affordable career clothing evolved into a passion for great design.  This passion was largely fueled by my love for classic cinema and discovering the talents of designers like Edith Head and Helen Rose, women who created some of the most iconic and classic wardrobes on film.  I take a great interest in fashion--both past and present--where magazines, books, and film all come together to influence my aesthetic.

GlamAmor is my ongoing collection of vintage and vintage-inspired clothing.  The wardrobe centers on colorful classic dresses--most from the 1950s and 1960s--and it extends to coats, skirts, sweaters, and other pieces as well.  GlamAmor also includes clothes from vintage stores that are not from a bygone era, but their design is strong enough to be considered completely consistent with the collection.  The most important factor for me in any piece is classic yet modern style.  

At GlamAmor, you will find stylish pieces that work beautifully from day to night.  You are also virtually guaranteed to be buying something that is one of a kind.  Shop the store and then use the blog to get inspiration and ideas for putting your look together.

Welcome to GlamAmor!

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