Saturday, June 12, 2010

Out and About--The Penthouse

One of the best things about living in Santa Monica is that so much of this wonderful city is right along the ocean.  Friday night was cocktail hour with friends at The Penthouse at The Huntley Hotel on 2nd Street, which is a favorite place of mine to go.  It's located on the top floor of the hotel with windows that stretch nearly all the way around the lounge and restaurant.  Since the hotel is a mere two blocks from the beach, this means that you enjoy sunset after beautiful sunset over both the ocean and the mountains.  I mean, even the bathroom has an extraordinary view of the Santa Monica Bay and our famous Pier.  

The Huntley Hotel feels so sophisticated, from the architecture of the building, the dimly lit lobby with all the various interior textures, and the breezy beachy elegance of The Penthouse with its eclectic mix of styles.  Delicious drinks du jour as well, and we enjoyed one that was a mix of blackberries crushed in pineapple juice mixed with infused liquors.  I love it.  It's a fantastic place to relax for a couple hours and enjoy some great conversation.  So much fun...I can't recommend the place highly enough!  

Summer Breeze:  1950s Miss Elliette bubblegum pink chiffon swing dress, 
1960s hot pink croco embossed leather clutch,  Donna Karan gold strappy stilettos, 
1960s crystal and jet chandelier earrings accented in gold, and a gold and diamond band ring

Kevin's 1972 Le Mans convertible only enhances the overall design of the Huntley Hotel

The lobby of the Huntley Hotel

The restaurant on the south side of The Penthouse (above)
and the bar and lounge looking to the north 

Private table in the lounge to watch the sun set

A blimp comes within view just as the sun is setting

Great cocktails and appetizers to share with friends

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