Saturday, May 1, 2010

Certified Pre-Owned...Clothes

Many companies, such as those within the auto industry, offer their customers used products that are considered to be "Certified Pre-Owned."  This is a label that promises the buyer that the item has been thoroughly tested and proven to be one of quality.  It suddenly occurred to me that I follow a similar quality assurance process in order to bring the clothes and accessories of GlamAmor to you.  Here's how...


An industry term that means only the best make it through the gate, that one should choose only the best right from the start.  I couldn't agree more.  When I search for clothes, I go through hundreds...thousands...of pieces in order to find ones that meet my standards for GlamAmor.  They must have:
  • Form          There should be something interesting, something special, about the design.
  • Function    The overall structure must be sound, and it's preferably already in Very Good to Excellent condition when I first find it.  
  • Modernity  These clothes are not about a costume look at all.  The pieces must work for today's woman.  If they don't work for me, I'm not ever going to offer them to you.


Just as the car companies then give their carefully chosen cars a detailed inspection and tune up, so do I tune up all the vintage clothes for GlamAmor.  Each piece is examined and then properly cleaned and mended before it is sold.  And as I work with each garment, I try to gather an informed opinion about its history and offer helpful details in the store's descriptions.  


After you buy any Certified Pre-Owned car, auto makers welcome you into their consumer community.  Likewise, GlamAmor is built to support you and your enjoyment of this wonderful vintage clothing.  The blog has reference material on how to shop and care for your clothes.  It will also have plenty of styling inspiration, whether it comes from Old Hollywood, the latest fashion magazine, or my own time out and about in Los Angeles.  And you can always find a library of classic movie clips to inspire you on GlamAmor's virtual Inspiration Board on YouTube.  

Remember I'm also only a phone call or email away if you ever have a fashion emergency...large or small.

It couldn't be more simple...Certified Pre-Owned Clothing from GlamAmor.  

So as the GlamAmor Store opens its doors on Etsy, please know that these clothes come to you with much thought and care.  I hope that you enjoy wearing them as much as I do.

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