Thursday, May 27, 2010

On Trend--Gingham

Summer is upon us and one of the freshest looks of the season is gingham. It's a huge trend in all the fashion magazines. Here is an example from InStyle magazine, where they dedicate a two-page spread to show the many ways that you can integrate the hot look into your wardrobe.

As you can see from their "Is Nothing New?" sidebar, the gingham trend owes its origins to vintage.  They even recommend trying vintage so that you won't spend a fortune. What they neglect to mention is how wonderful vintage dresses are, including the fact that the originals are often better than the modern interpretations.

Right now I have the best gingham dress in the GlamAmor Store...a black gingham swing dress from the 1950s. Seemingly innocent from the front, it has a wonderfully sexy plunging back.  An absolute must to check out.

Still not convinced the look is for you?  Here is Glee star, Lea Michelle, looking lovely in the pages of yet another magazine wearing a very similar (modern, not vintage) dress.

Happy summer!

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