Thursday, May 6, 2010

Just a Jeans and T-Shirt Girl

Who me?  Well, not exactly.  I adore my dresses, as anyone who knows me can tell you.  But because I surf, I can be a real t-shirt and jeans kind of girl on the weekends.  If I want to have lunch or go shopping after the beach, I'll just pair the ever classic combo with ballet flats and a vintage cardigan.  I find it takes me pretty much anywhere.  Joy Bryant really captures the look here from the pages of InStyle magazine.  This pic comes straight from my Inspiration Board at home because it's a look I consider such a part of my own uniform.

As such, I will always share vintage sweaters with you.  It's an asset whether you wear it with jeans or one of your dresses, vintage or otherwise.  The GlamAmor Store has several beautiful embellished cardigans from the 1950s and 1960s right now. 

There is just something very special about them.  Soft fabrics, from cashmere to angora.  Even the vintage acrylic is so so soft next to your skin.  There is often lining sewn in (who does that anymore?).  And then there's all the beading and sequins and other forms of embellishment...most often done completely by hand.

These cardigans are so popular now that I was asked by a modern Los Angeles denim company to offer them some choices for their latest ad campaign.  The photographs for the ads were taken by Angela Torres and you can see one of the photos featuring a GlamAmor cardigan below.  This is a look without the t-shirt...where you're wearing the sweater as the top.  Very Sweater Girl, very hot.  Just pair it with your sexiest pair of heels and you've got a look for evening.  These cardigans really do it all.

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