Monday, June 21, 2010

GlamAmor Store Moving to Etsy

This week, the GlamAmor Store will go dark as 
things begin to move over to Etsy!  

For those of you unfamiliar with Etsy, it's a marketplace somewhat similar in structure to eBay. But whereas eBay sells just about everything under the sun and usually for a deal, Etsy is focused on quality and selling original artistic collections. You must be a designer of your own work or collect and edit vintage, and only then can you sell in your own Etsy boutique.

I'm very excited about the move. It's always been important to me that everyone understand the difference between GlamAmor and many other vintage stores out there. GlamAmor is not just a bunch of random old clothes. Far from it--GlamAmor is a true collection of clothing with a strong overall aesthetic voice. You also know that I share only the best in what I find with you, and offer you clothes that I truly care about and would want to wear. Etsy, as a community, really supports that commitment and can offer additional resources for us as well.

Another bonus?  The Etsy Store will be immediately accessible from the GlamAmor Facebook page.  Soon there will be no need to leave the comfort of Facebook to shop!  You will also see a virtual front door to the Store right here on the homepage of the website.

And to celebrate the move, there will be a.........

GlamAmor SALE!

Starting next week!

Vintage-inspired pieces can't go over to Etsy, so those dresses along with several other vintage ones will all go on sale.  You'll see great savings!  There will be an announcement here and on Twitter when it's a few days away.

Stay tuned!

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