Friday, June 18, 2010

The Little White Dress

One of the staples of my wardrobe is the little white dress.  It is a staple, for sure.  There's something almost magical about wearing the color white in that it makes every woman look more beautiful.  Of course there is the important little black dress, which no woman should do without, but if someone gave me the choice between an all white wardrobe and an all black wardrobe...I would have to choose the white.

It seems to lighten and brighten you up.  It also looks great in a range of design, from very minimal very tailored all the way to super frilly. As a color, white also seems to transcend the situation (city or beach? boardroom or play?) along with season.  I wear mine with different accessories throughout the year.

It's hard not to love white dresses most in the summertime, though.  A white dress next to a (faux) tan decorated in metallic accessories looks amazing.   You can see that the little white dress has really come to the fore again in the fashion magazines.  Below, InStyle first then Harper's Bazaar...

I love the shape of the Michael Kors shortsleeve shift, don't you?

The little white dress then segues into another trend with all the nudes as well.  Also the sporty trend that's out there for spring/summer. You can see how much the 1930s and 40s inspired that look (below in Allure).  Think classic Americana a la Katharine Hepburn... 

Of course I have a few white dresses in the GlamAmor Store right now as well to help with the summer mood.  The last dress is spot on with that last sporty trend.  It's a very classic look.

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That last skirt is also reminiscent of the white dress of them all, as worn by Marilyn Monroe in 1955's The Seven Year Itch.  Can't do an article on white dresses without paying homage to that dress...on that that scene.  Love it!

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