Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Out and About--Lady Danville and One eskimO at Largo in Hollywood

As proof that Los Angeles is never boring, I was out on a Monday night to check out Lady Danville and One eskimO play at Largo. Matt from Lady Danville is a friend of mine and Largo is a club that I have always loved. I used to go all the time when it was still on Fairfax, where the venue was much closer to a rock supper club. It was a small room filled with tables for dinner, its great bar in the back, and wood paneled walls that were lined with photographs of great artists like Neil Young.

Everyone I know adored going to Largo. The place respects art and artists above all else. It was known for its very strict "No Talking" policy during the sets, a policy that still seems to be in place. In the past, I have seen them physically bounce people out for chatting or daring to take a phone call during a performance. That commitment means a lot to an artist, hence why really good ones want to perform at Largo. Regulars included Grant Lee Phillips, Aimee Mann, Michael Penn, and Jon Brion, who still has his fiercely loyal Friday night following at the La Cienega venue.

There were also often known artists in the audience who were frequently invited on stage by the headliners. This, as you can imagine, made for some inspired spontaneous moments. Some of the greats of all time have been in the crowd, too, including Sir Paul McCartney when he was in town. It was a place where artists could collaborate and get energy from other artists.

And now Largo has grown into this venue on La Cienega and it's truly beautiful. You enter through wrought iron gates into a open air courtyard.  You can choose to hang out here before the show...or in the lounge...or in The Little Room with a cocktail.

Vintage edge:  1960s black silk and crepe sheath, 1960s hot pink leather croco embossed clutch, black cashmere pashmina, bubblegum pink Steve Madden strappy stilettos, jet and gold bead dangling earrings, and a single skinny gold bangle bracelet.  

In the courtyard

In the lounge

In the dimly lit Little Room, which I dubbed "Mean Streets" due to the fact that like it felt like that bar from the movie with all the red lighting.  The Little Room also has a little stage where up and coming artists can try their material in front of a less intimidating crowd but still get the thrill of playing at Largo. My girlfriend, Diana, and I grabbed a quick drink here before the show started.

The crowd gathers at the theater door before Lady Danville takes the stage

Ladies and gentlemen...from Los Angeles, California...Lady Danville!

And now our headliners....from London, England...One eskimO!

Michael (Lady Danville) after the show with his fans

Matt (Lady Danville) also after the show with his fans

Jamie and Adam (One eskimO) in back as Largo starts to close up

What a great show!


Unknown said...

Black and hot pink, definitely a good edgy vintage choice.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

you guys are awesome

Kimberly Truhler said...

Thanks guys! It was a great night and so much fun to be with you both.

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