Sunday, June 13, 2010

Out and About--The Viceroy

Friday evening with Michelle continued over at the Viceroy, which is also in Santa Monica off of Ocean Avenue.  Formerly the Pacific Shore Hotel, for those of you familiar with the area, the Viceroy is a hotel that was originally built in the late 1960s.  That architecture remains, but the interior design has been remastered by Kelly Wearstler.  She is known for bold color combinations, which I admire.  She also mixes styles that seem on opposite sides of the spectrum...modern and minimal with a Baroque piece, for example.  There is a mix of orderly masculine with a flourish of feminine detail as well.

Perhaps my favorite part of the Viceroy, though, is how well it integrates its two pools into the scene.  I'm particularly fond of that entire area of cabanas.  A great place to be for drinks. Or there's also dinner at their restaurant, Whist, where you can choose to eat inside or poolside in a cabana.  Oh my goodness.  Sounds like I might need to try Whist out next time I go...

Valet service

Lobby of the Viceroy

The Cameo Bar at the hotel (above three images)

Whist, the restaurant of the Viceroy

Poolside at the Viceroy

Poolside dining at Whist

Sun setting poolside

People watching:  1950s Miss Elliette bubblegum pink chiffon swing dress, 1960s crystal and jet chandelier earrings set in gold,
1960s hot pink croco embossed leather clutch, and Donna Karan gold strappy stilettos

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Unknown said...

Lovely outfit! Looking spectacular, as usual.

BTW, I love Kelly Wearstler!

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