Saturday, June 5, 2010

Your Best Accessory--Hair


I get two comments on the street more than any other.  One is some form of "I love your hair!" and the flurry of questions that accompany the compliment...what products I use, how I style it, and who cuts it for me.  The other comment I hear is some form of "I love what you're wearing!" and the surprised reaction when women find out that it's usually vintage.  What's interesting to me is how the two comments are quite related.

I think that my hair is actually integral in being able to wear vintage in a way that looks modern.  It's always been important to me that the style is suited to me rather than to my outfit.  It's an important distinction.  As you can see from the photos above, I have tried a surprising number of styles over the years--pixie cuts, short bobs, long bobs, bangs, no bangs, long and layered--and they're all being paired with my predominantly vintage wardrobe.  I may own clothes ranging from the 1930s all the way to the year 2010, but you'd never know it strictly from my hair styles.  As a rule, I never match the style of my hair to the style of my dress.  It's simply the fastest way to look like you're wearing a costume and/or seem out of date.  Your hair should always suit you by flattering your features and reflecting your lifestyle.  This will make you look your most beautiful no matter what you're wearing, whether its vintage or the latest designer duds.

I am very lucky and have a BFF who is an extremely talented hair stylist--Danna Sachs.  She used to live next to me and I feel like I've grown up with her in many ways.  She was invited on the first season of Bravo's Shear Genius and, after years of working for another renowned stylist, started her own salon in Brentwood.  If you're ever in need of someone new, I can't recommend her highly enough.  Danna's gift--and it's the gift of any truly great stylist--is being able to marry what you want with who you really are.  You might bring in the latest pics of Jennifer or Reese or Katie or Posh, but that's not what's most important.  Instead, what is the shape of your face?  What type of hair do you have?  How are you most comfortable wearing your hair?  What is your lifestyle?  It's a stylist's ability to respond to these questions with your cut that really demonstrates their talent.  You should never have to fight your hair after you leave the salon and try to style it on your own.  And even as your hair grows out, and then grows out some more, the style should still maintain its integrity.

Our hair is often our best accessory...more than any handbag, shoes, or jewelry.  I only need utter the words "bad hair day" and every woman (and man, for that matter) knows exactly what I'm saying.  I always think of someone like Sarah Jessica Parker on Sex in the City and how the biggest impact on her look was often just that hair of hers.  Because hair and other beauty rituals of course contribute so much to being modern and looking our best, I will blog from time to time about my favorites and ongoing thoughts right alongside all the fun fashion features.  Please feel free to join the conversation with your own!

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