Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Let There Be Light

After a two month absence, the sun finally reappeared--in the morning, no less--here in Santa Monica. I awoke to clear blue skies and gorgeous weather and could not have been more appreciative. I also got to spend much of my day on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica and all around Brentwood, so it's pretty hard to complain about the day. I optimistically chose white to celebrate the possibility that summer may indeed finally be beginning.  

A few changes and I'm all dressed and ready to go. I have to tell you how much I'm enjoying my hair growing out. I've found some really great hair products that I like, too, so I will blog about my version of the perfect blow out soon. I'll be sure to share lists of both high and low priced products because both are out there. The low priced ones are now truly salon competitive and worth trying...if you're not using them already.

Architects talk about and exhalt the special Southern California light, and I think you can see what they mean.  Afternoon in my kitchen, which always catches the most light. Charles David black snakeskin and leather strappy stiletto heels.  Shoes change below.

Summer white:  1950s white embossed cotton dress, 1960s black patent leather purse, Guess black patent leather platform peeptoes, jet and gold bead dangling earrings, single skinny gold bangle bracelet.
Revlon's Fuchsia Fever polish on toes.

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