Thursday, July 22, 2010

Out and About--Americana in Santa Monica

Last night took me to the Jeanie Madsen Gallery, which was hosting a cocktail party for the city's business owners who are with the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce. Santa Monica is an exceptional place to both live and work, and it was great to meet many of the people whose talent and experience makes this city thrive. 

The city's events are held at a different perfect place each month, often right along the beach with the sun setting and they're catered by some of the best restaurants and wineries out there. Jeanie Madsen invited everyone into her gallery this time around and it couldn't have been better. First, it's in a beautiful spot right next to the Georgian Hotel on Ocean Avenue, which is straight out of Hitchcock's To Catch a Thief.  I actually had the movie on as I was getting ready for inspiration and of course I dressed accordingly...

In addition, the gallery's exhibition happened to be a collection of images--paintings, photographs, even clothing--celebrating Americana. I could not believe it! I was very happy, as you can imagine, since I'm not sure you could find a bigger fan of Americana than me. I mean, GlamAmor--which is clothing from the 1950s and 1960s--is alllll Americana.  What a great setting for the party.

The place was packed with people from the very start of the evening until the end. We all enjoyed great wine, great food, and a beautiful evening as the sun finally peeked out from behind the clouds. Thank you Santa Monica!

Welcome to the gallery



Our beautiful hostesses for the evening, Jeanie and Mary

So great to meet you!:  1950s lemon cotton pleated swing dress, 1960s white leather purse, 
white Charles David strappy stilettos, silver hoop earrings, 
 and clear necklace custom made for GlamAmor

One of the things that makes Jeanie's gallery so special is that she has one part of it devoted to her own fashion boutique. Here she sells one-of-a-kind pieces--clothing, shoes, and jewelry--designed by her and others that are truly works of art. I've always considered my vintage dresses art as well with their color, design, and the fact that each is unique, so Jeanie and I really hit it off discussing our wearable art. 

Me and Amanda

What's great about living in Los Angeles is being exposed to so much talent, and I was lucky enough to be able to meet the artists featured in last night's show. The paintings and photographs that hung on the gallery walls were wonderful and reminded me of the same optimism that I feel in my clothing from that period.  If you don't already know about people like Mark Hobley and Brian Parillo, then be sure to check out their work.

Brian speaking with Erika about his beautiful photographs

An impressionistic take on the Georgian Hotel next door

Ended up at the gorgeous Georgian for drinks after the party

Sitting on the porch of the Georgian--whether for brunch or late night drinks--makes you feel like you're in the south of France with all the palm trees and the ocean right across the street

It was great to meet everyone!

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