Monday, September 27, 2010

GlamAmor at the Abbot Kinney Festival

On Sunday, I celebrated the 26th annual Abbot Kinney Festival in Venice. For the past few years I had merely attended the festival, but this year I was excited to participate in it as an exhibitor with GlamAmor. This was really my coming out party for GlamAmor, too--my first big public showing--and what an experience! The day was beautiful and hot and I enjoyed a great location in the shade next to some wonderful neighbors, Rachel and Bill from p.o.p. candy (new website coming soon). They were both as sweet as the candy they sell.

Crowds through the day reach around 150,000 people due to the fact that the festival is rich with local talent from fashion, food, fine arts, and music. Though I couldn't really leave my booth too often, I could hear many bands playing throughout the day and none disappointed. Two of my favorites were Joey Ryan and Kenneth Pattengale. Here again is Kenneth performing his version of "Bette Davis Eyes" as you scroll through the images that made up this special day.

Setting up the show earrrrrrrly in the morning

Her hair is Harlow gold...:  1960s hot pink mini dress, hot pink headband, gold Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses, gold hoop earrings, gold leather Colin Stuart flip flops

GlamAmor now includes vintage jewelry (above) and
custom made pieces from Jewelry by M for GlamAmor (below)

Sitting in front of the popular silk screen by talented Venice artist and friend, Mark Hobley

Kevin hanging out waiting for the day to kick off

Taking a brief stroll on Abbot Kinney to take in some of the other exhibits and the crowd

Huge trend on the street--short boots with breezy dresses

GlamAmor in one of its many packed moments

The main attraction--my 1960s red sequin tank dress

Nicki from NIXIN jewelry dropping by to check out GlamAmor and say hello

Mara about to take home a couple beautiful skirts

Here's Tina, who looked incredible in everything and now has a new GlamAmor wardrobe!

 Fashionable Mya in her vintage

Lots of guys came by with their girlfriends and I finally asked a few why they seemed to like the clothes from GlamAmor so much.  Their response?  The clothes are really sexy, but also sophisticated.  Classic.  Colorful.  Clean design. Wow!  Sounds like the things I say...thanks guys!

Late afternoon street scene--roller derby girls and guys on stilts

As the afternoon finally came to a close, I couldn't help but feel enormously appreciative.  I had spent time with good friends, met new colleagues, and got to know GlamAmor customers in one of the most beautiful settings you can imagine...Abbot Kinney in Venice on a gorgeous sunny day.  Thanks to everyone for coming out and can't wait to do it again!

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