Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Thrill of the Hunt--Sunday's Vintage Clothing & Textile Show

Don't forget...
GlamAmor will be in Sunday's spectacular Vintage Clothing & Textile Show!

Sunday, October 31st

The Pickwick Gardens
1001 Riverside Drive
Burbank, CA

9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
8:00 AM Early Admission

$6.00 Regular Admission
$20.00 Early Admission

Hosted by Caskey Lees
For more information, call

If you've never been to a vintage clothing show, this is a great one to check out because of its high quality.  I liken these kinds of shows to museums where you can actually touch everything and purchase a treasure to take home with you.  They're fantastic if you're on a budget, too--such a wide range of items and prices that you're guaranteed to find something you that you love and can afford.  They're especially great during this time of year when you might be looking for gifts for the holidays.  And even if for some reason you decide not to buy, the experience of seeing all that history is inspirational and well worth the time.

Just a couple weeks ago, I took my girlfriend to the Santa Monica Vintage Expo to meet up with some colleagues who were exhibiting there.  The show truly offers what most of us know as the thrill of the hunt, and I know a couple of the most talented hunters out there--Mary Kincaid of Zurburbia and Richard Wainwright, co-host of the high-end vintage show A Current Affair and also an exhibitor at this Sunday's show.

The Santa Monica Vintage Expo spans over two days because there is so much to see.  Even I didn't know where to look at times since it's such an absolute dreamworld.  You just never know what clothes or accessories you're going to find.  Call it chance, call it's a lot like falling in love. Here's my girlfriend, Molly, falling in love more than once...

...first pairing her GlamAmor dress with a navy Chloe high-waisted jacket from Richard's collection (above) and 
then with a trim 1960s fitted wool coat with satin trim and detachable fur collar and cuffs (below)

Still not convinced?  Check out this video from Elle magazine.  It opens with Elle's Fashion News Director, Anne Slowey, talking to Jason Wu about his inspiration from vintage and how references to vintage manifest in his current collections.  I love his aesthetic because he respects the classics and really embraces color.  You probably recognize his name from Michelle Obama, who put him on the map for regularly wearing his dresses.  She, too, is wildly inspired by vintage in her wardrobe.

The video then segues into a top stylist walking us around the giant Manhattan vintage show and offering her top tips for shopping.  This can be helpful for if and when you might feel slightly overwhelmed.  Hope to see you putting those tips into action and shopping the Vintage Clothing & Textile Show on Sunday!


Unknown said...

How fun! Molly looks awesome! I miss you ladies!

Kimberly Truhler said...

We miss you, too! Of course you came up in conversation a lot, especially because I took you to the Santa Monica Vintage Expo last time.

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