Monday, November 22, 2010

Royal Style--Kate Middleton in BCBG

As many of you know, Kate Middleton is now engaged to marry England's Prince William Windsdor.  All eyes are upon her.  After all, Kate will be the first commoner since the 16th century to wed a royal and become the future Queen of England.  It's huge news.  But to much of the media, being in line for the throne pales in comparison to the excitement Kate generates by being a beautiful girl who wins and wears her fashion well.  She will be a lot of fun to watch, especially as designers clamor louder and louder for her to showcase their clothes.

As I was looking through some photos of Kate, I caught this recent picture of her in a sumptuous aqua jersey gown from BCBG...interestingly, from their 2006 Spring/Summer line.  Don't you love it?  I know I do...the reason I happen to know the collection it's from is that I actually own the same dress!  

Of course I mixed mine with vintage accessories.  For a fashion gala that year at the Regent Beverly Wilshire, I paired my gown with some 1960s silver and crystal chandelier earrings, a silver Art Deco clamshell clutch, and silver strappy stilettos from Charles David.  I still have this dress and absolutely love it, though I'll have to be careful about wearing it again any time soon!


Anonymous said...

I own one also. Worn to a DC event in 2007 by my daughter. Absolutely love it and now treasure it.

Kimberly Truhler said...

Isn't it a great dress? I mean, it isn't every dress that stays in our wardrobes this long and still looks amazing. The color alone stops traffic.

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