Thursday, December 23, 2010

GlamAmor-ous Holiday Moments--"Snow" from WHITE CHRISTMAS

Another favorite moment from White Christmas...this time the song "Snow Snow Snow" that they perform on the train on their way from Florida up to Vermont.  In Los Angeles, it's always possible to be singing "Rain Rain Rain" instead for the winter holidays.  Again, costumes in the movie by my beloved Edith Head.


Marline said...

"I'll wash my hair with snow!" Egad, how I love this song! Everything about it! Now, the burning question is: WHAT is the drink the barkeep is foaming into those glasses? A bartender pal of mine claims it could be a Brandy Alexander...especially if it's the frozen variety. Know any barkeeps who might care to take a guess on that, Kimberly? Meanwhile, that doodad at Vera's waist still mesmerizes me!
LOVE these scenes!! Thanks so much!

Kimberly Truhler said...

I know it! Your friend has made a really good guess and I tend to agree with him...and it's definitely frozen. You'll have to try it and let me know!

Next year I'll have to do an entire post on WHITE CHRISTMAS. The wardrobe as a whole is too divine and there are many treasures in it that deserve to be appreciated. Incredible, especially considering this is just supposed to be a holiday flick! But it contains dresses--especially on Rosemary Clooney--that I would want in my wardrobe today. Love!

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