Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Out and About--Fred Segal and Mister Freedom

The weather was once again gorgeous over the weekend, so Kevin and I took an afternoon break cruising around in the Le Mans convertible.  First stop was Fred Segal for a little light lunch alfresco at the cafe.  Afterward, he took me to a place he's been wanting to show me for awhile--Mister Freedom.  Though technically a store, Mister Freedom is more a showcase--it is French expatriate Christophe Loiron's incredible vintage collection combined with his own high quality vintage-inspired clothing line.  Christophe leans heavily toward classic masculine Americana and loves old movies, so Kevin thought it would be right up my alley.  He was right.  I was awestruck both by Christophe's artistic vision as well as the inspiration his space gave me for GlamAmor.

Feeling Free:  1960s purple/orange/red/ivory shift, ivory J. Crew car coat, 1960s purple purse, purple suede platform pumps,
pearl drop earrings, single skinny gold bangle bracelet, gold Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses 

The red facade of Mister Freedom and an interview with highlights of its interior

Mister Freedom himself--Christophe Loiron

Godard retrospective showing French New Wave classics Contempt and Breathless next door

And then back at Barracuda feeling quite inspired--thanks Kevin!

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