Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cinema Connection--Jennifer Aniston Channels Brigitte Bardot in ALLURE

Inspired by a 1960s photo of Brigitte Bardot, Gucci Westman played with natural but still striking makeup on Jennifer Aniston for the February cover of Allure.  It's not a departure for Jennifer, who is always most comfortable with bronzed skin and a soft makeup palette, and she really glows in Michael Thompson's photos.

The look, one that I'll call Beach Bombshell, is definitely a favorite of mine to wear as well.  The near nude makeup is marvelous when paired with colorful vintage clothes, as Brigitte clearly shows above.  And the look is affordable...Gucci Westman recently became Revlon's creative director, putting her mark of quality on many products throughout the line, so all the makeup used on Jennifer can be found at your local drugstore

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