Friday, January 21, 2011

Out and About--Sielian's Vintage Apparel

Yesterday I spent a wonderful afternoon visiting with Sielian Lie, owner of Sielian's Vintage Apparel, who was one of my fellow Current Affair vendors downtown in December.  This was my first time checking out her lovely boutique in the Melrose/Robertson area of West Hollywood. Walking in, your spirits are immediately lifted by the apple green decor accented with black and white, the feminine furniture, and all of her glamorous vintage dresses and accessories.  

Like me, Sielian is all about the sophisticated and sexy dress.  Her shop is dominated by designer dresses and gowns, and she also astutely includes non-label dresses when the design is right.  And Sielian clearly shares my passion for color, organizing and displaying her dresses throughout her store by color as I do.  If you want to find some serious treasures for special events and have great girl time, Sielian's Vintage Apparel is the place to go!

Sielian, Audrey, and me:  1950s red and ivory floral cotton pique dress, 1960s black patent leather handbag (not shown),
 black patent leather Nine West peeptoe pumps, jet and gold bead dangling earrings, single skinny gold bangle

Sielian and her wonderful husband and business partner, Tsutomu Carton

Sielian's sign as a shadow on the wall

Pretty soon it was time to put the camera down and do some (fantasy) shopping

Must have this orange Givenchy trench coat, which I would actually wear as a dress--heaven!

And this hot white floral minidress...

...and this Hermes handbag that looks like it's straight out of Hitchcock?  Yes, please.

And a pair of these sexy sunglasses, the nude frames!

I knew I would love Sielian when I saw the inspirational style of Audrey Hepburn looking over her shop.  
Be sure to visit...I can't wait to return!

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