Tuesday, February 1, 2011

California Market Center Gathers Two Point Oh! LA Bloggers

Last weekend I drove downtown to the famed California Market Center to meet up with many other Los Angeles fashion and style bloggers now organized into a group called Two Point Oh! LA.  Led by Dedicated Follower of Fashion blogger and stylist Kelsi Smith, the organization was established to unify and support the bloggers who work in Los Angeles.  All of us agree that it's a great thing.  It's amazing to see the strength and sheer number of bloggers in Los Angeles as the city continues to rise in the respect and recognition of the fashion community.

Think about just some of the influence of Los Angeles in fashion.  Surf and skate style.  Denim.  Boho Chic.  Nearly all styles that stem from TV, from Charlie's Angels to Dynasty to Mad Men.  Nearly all styles that stem from movies, from the prim of Hitchcock to the prep of Love Story.  And right now we're seeing an explosion of color on the runways that is most definitely the influence of the West Coast.  Also, keep in mind that those New York, Parisian, and Italian collections generally don't become a hit in stores until they're seen on celebrities, and most celebrities live and wear those clothes in Los Angeles.  When they're seen in the pages of magazines or admired on the red carpets of award season, they're most often representing the style of LA.

It's not just fashion that fills our time here either.  Once a city mocked for it's lack of culture, Los Angeles has left that all behind and is decidedly on the rise as a respected center of the arts.  Museums and galleries are growing in number and prestige, including New York transplants now heading up at least two major museums here.  And according to a recent article in W magazine, graduates of the numerous art schools around town are no longer gravitating to the East Coast.  That means that the quality and quantity of working artists in Los Angeles is growing and growing each year.  Painters, performance artists, mixed media, graphic designers, architects, fashion designers, stylists, filmmakers, musicians...you name it and they're all living and working in LA.

All of this makes Los Angeles an extremely exciting place to cover and contribute to as a designer and style blogger.  The inspiration never ends for me--whether it's from the past or present--and I found much of that passion also shared by my fellow Two Point Oh! LA members.  I really look forward to us all supporting one another and growing together.  Hooray LA!

Inside the lobby of the California Market Center

Checking in with The Dope Girl Tiara Henry and Two Point Oh! LA leader and Dedicated Follower of Fashion, Kelsi Smith

Love Kelsi's black ruffle vintage dress

Our esteemed fashion PR panel (from left to right):
Lindsey Larson of Preface PR, Kristen Steinhilber Calavas of The Lookbook, and Queen of the Quarterlife Crisis Jamie Stone

Crystal At Watermoolen chatting up and photographing Jamie

Tess Goodwin of Treehouse Trunkshow

A Sunny Day in LA's Amy Beard and the Beverly Hills Bohemian Sinclaire Chase

Introducing GlamAmor:  1980s orange wool gabardine shift, 1960s ivory lizard handbag, Sam Edelman snakeskin mules, 1970s sterling silver bangle mixed with skinny gold bangle bracelets, silver hoop earrings, and 1960s orange wool coat (on back of chair above and near end below)

Some of our band of bloggers

Thanks to Jessica and event sponsor Neuro!

Dinner on the way home after a lovely day downtown


Anonymous said...

we never officially met, but I was sittin' behind you!
you took some really amazing photos!! and I loved your outfit that day, by the way! :p

Kimberly Truhler said...

Glad you liked it, Natalie, and thanks so much! I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to meet. Any time you're up in Santa Monica, give me a shout. Next event for sure!

Crystal said...

Your camera turned out great!! I still need to get a compact one :). Hope you find your dream one!


Kimberly Truhler said...

Thanks Crystal! My current Canon normally does a good job and is great when I need something super portable, which is often. But yes, definitely looking into something in the mid-level range for that option as well. Suggestions are welcome!

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