Monday, February 14, 2011

GlamAmor in UnMasquerade Charity Fashion Show at the California Market Center

While the rest of the country is under a deep freeze, we've been loving spring and even summer-like temperatures here in Los Angeles.  This weekend was actually in the 80s, so driving downtown to the California Market Center (CMC) Friday night was a pleasure in the convertible despite the usual gridlock.  Why did I battle that rush hour traffic?  I was one of four emerging Los Angeles designers chosen to have our fashion shown at the CMC as part of Break the Cycle's great UnMasquerade charity event.  

For those who don't know, the California Market Center is the fashion center of Los Angeles.  Literally thousands of fashion companies have offices and showrooms there and the CMC Atrium is a frequent location for runway shows.  Buyers come from all over the world to check out both hot emerging designers and global fashion empires (like Armani) who all share space at the California Market Center.  

I was absolutely thrilled to be showing GlamAmor on a runway in the Atrium.  Rarely, if ever, is vintage shown there, but GlamAmor is such a cohesive collection that it can be presented right alongside brand new lines.  In fact, people thought that everything from GlamAmor was new, even as they shopped after the show.  I think it's amazing that people are beginning to see vintage in an entirely new light.  And in showing my GlamAmor Vintage, I'm able to educate people on what to expect from my brand, especially as I begin to develop a line of GlamAmor Originals as well.  Of course I look forward to the day when that collection will be shown on the runways, too!

A huge thank you to everyone with Break the Cycle for such a great event and wonderful opportunity!

On the road downtown at sunset

The Atrium at the California Market Center

Fashion Show:  1950s Blue Watercolor Floral Dress, 1960s black leather frame bag, Charles David black leather strappy stilettos,
silver hoop earrings, clear glass necklace custom made for GlamAmor, 1970s sterling silver bangle

 Break the Cycle organizers Susan and Lori (above) and Cristin (below).  Great new haircut, Cristin!

Pre-game hair and makeup

Jenny of LA's The Good, the Bad, and the Fabulous blog in makeup mode

Karen from LA's Fashion Groupie blog getting her hair done

Backstage with behind-the-scenes superstars Elena and Veronica before the show

One last practice run in front of the cameras...and now, let's start the show!  

Opening the show...designer Sheree Mason showing samples from her upcoming Pheenix collection.

Pheenix was followed by some denim and more casual looks...

And then...GlamAmor!

Erin in the 1980s Navy and Black Striped Linen Dress SOLD!

Leslie closing the show in the 1950s Sapphire Scallop-embossed Cocktail Dress

Lining up for the finale

Time for cocktails to celebrate 

Da Rollin R's offered some of the great musical entertainment for the evening

Photos and paintings on sale from the Andrew Weiss Gallery

Other artists' work shown in the VIP lounge

Many of the volunteers for the charity event were from Belles, a prestigious 50-year-old service organization from Loyola Marymount.
What great girls--loved spending time with you! 

Thanks for a wonderful evening, everyone!

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