Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Style Essentials--Faye Dunaway's Killer Glow in 1967's BONNIE AND CLYDE

It should come as no surprise that Arthur Penn's Bonnie and Clyde is one of The Style Essentials on GlamAmor--iconic costume design in the movies that continues to influence fashion today.  Though set in the 1930s, Theadora van Runkle's costumes seem to always be current no matter what the decade.  The berets and other Depression era daytime basics were immediate hits in 1967 when Bonnie and Clyde first debuted and copies immediately became available in all the department stores.  Today is no different...any time the 1930s are on trend, you can be sure that these costumes are in the collective consciousness of our fashion designers.  Even magazine editors pay homage to this film again and again, especially those at Vogue who seem to love to dress celebrities and style models like Bonnie and Clyde for their photo shoots.  It simply never goes out of style.

Without question, Faye Dunaway is a golden goddess in Bonnie and Clyde and an inspiration onto herself.  Her blonde bob with side swept bangs happens to be one of my favorite haircuts of all time and I'm far from the only one.  Lo and behold, long bobs--also known as lobs--started as a trend back in 2011 and today the style is already considered a classic.  There's a lot to love about Faye's makeup as well.  Her slightly sunkissed skin with the peachy blush and peachy nude lips.  Her eyes done with a natural palette of brown and bone shadows finished with black winged liner.  Her long lashes and strong brows.  I can't help but notice how perfectly on trend it is, too...a great example of the California girl glow that's always hot for spring and summer.  Of course in addition to the magical makeup, Burnett Guffey bathed Faye in the glowing natural light of sunrise and sunset in his Oscar-winning cinematography.  And with supportive co-star (and producer) Warren Beatty looking just as beautiful beside her?  No wonder Faye looks so radiant.

In the movie's opening scene, we see Bonnie Parker hot and bothered in bed and bored with her life.  But she suddenly spies criminal Clyde Barrow out from her bedroom window, not knowing that he's about to completely change her world.  Good thing the girl's got a killer wardrobe. Literally.

Our introduction to Miss Bonnie Parker

Clyde likes everything about Bonnie except her hair...
he even asks her to lose the curl next to her ear

As Bonnie gains in infamy, her hair and costumes become much more polished

Theadora van Runkle considered many things in her costume design including historical inspiration from the real Bonnie and Clyde (above), 
a poor girl's aspirational style in the 1930s, and comfortable clothes that could move for their life on the run

This belted window-pane print suit is just one example of this film's iconic style

Take the jacket off and Bonnie has yet another look with her silk blouse and long skirt

True moments captured in photographs from Bonnie and Clyde's life of crime 
inspired moments in the movie as well

Another stunning ensemble with this cardigan suit and white silk blouse
that true to life would later be paired with a different skirt as well

Arguably the most famous costume from the movie that has inspired dozens of imitations
both in fashion design as well as editorial styling for photo shoots


xxM said...

Faye is gorgeous! You are inspiring me to take a trip to the thrift store :)

Kimberly Truhler said...

Isn't she amazing in this movie? And I know what you mean...I'm much more a 50s/60s girl, but this movie makes me crave a little 20s/30s in my wardrobe. ;)

Marline said...

If you really want to see immediate, amazing inspirational style swiping from that movie, go to 1967 Seventeen magazines...the Bonnie look is all over the place! Many of the back-to-school ads feature skinny ribbed sweaters, plaid hacking jackets or modified Norfolk jackets with knife-pleated skirts. Many of the models are posed on vintage B&C style roadsters and most of them have triangle-knotted scarves, textured tights, 30's style shoes and berets. Check it out! It's amazing how true and straightforward the style lines run!
Craving a little 30s, always,

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