Thursday, March 24, 2011

On Trend with Vintage--Calvin Klein Spring and Fall 2011

One of the collections I liked most during Fashion Week for Fall 2011 was the modernism of Francisco Costa's minimalism for Calvin Klein.  Yet it felt as though I was having deja vu.  I couldn't help but be struck by similarities in the new collection for Calvin Klein and my vintage collection for GlamAmor.  This was particularly the case when I saw Kerry Washington, Zoe Saldana, and Kate Bosworth sitting front row at the runway show. It was as if they were modeling GlamAmor or something...they all wore dresses from Costa's Spring and Fall lines that eerily echoed ones from the GlamAmor Store.  I take this as yet another reminder of how much of today's fashion continues to cull inspiration from the past.  And it also speaks to just how modern vintage can be, especially when it comes from a carefully curated collection such as GlamAmor.

Kerry Washington wearing a 2011 Grape Knit Longsleeve Dress from Calvin Klein (above) and

Zoe Saldana wearing a longsleeve 2011 V-Neck Little Black Dress from Calvin Klein (above) and
me wearing a sleeveless 1960s V-Neck Little Black Dress from GlamAmor--
I have a longsleeve 1960s V-Neck Little Black Dress as well but just couldn't find a picture

Kate Bosworth wearing a 2011 Orange Shift from Calvin Klein (above) and
me wearing a 1980s (1960s inspired) Orange Wool Gabardine Shift from GlamAmor

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xxM said...

I love seeing vintage compared current trends. You can always find vintage pieces that work for today's trends. I love it!!!

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