Friday, April 22, 2011

Celebrate Earth Day Every Day with Vintage

Earth Day was founded in 1970 and it's incredible (and somewhat sad) how important and relevant the day has become.  We're now facing climate change, skyrocketing energy prices, water shortages, and a crisis with the waste constantly created by our global overpopulation.  These are just some of our environmental challenges, too.  Though daunting, the good news is that so much can be done by each person making only minor changes in his or her own life.  Earth Day helps to remind us all of that fact.

Of course one of my favorite ways to go green is by buying vintage, whether in vintage furniture or clothing.  The fact is that you're recycling something that was loved before---things just don't make it 40, 50, or 60 years without a little love.  Often times the design and quality is also superior to anything that you might find today.  So by recycling, you're taking something that might otherwise be wrongfully discarded and not contributing to all the waste--in materials, energy, and water--that comes as a result of the mega manufacturing process.  Of course I'm not suggesting that you eliminate new items entirely.  But know that every time you do buy vintage, you help the earth and everyone on it a little bit.  And every little bit really does count.

We've reached a point, too, where all the vintage that is sold does not necessarily look old.  There are now vendors who so carefully curate their collections that the vintage looks very modern.  GlamAmor has always been at the forefront of this in clothing and I am repeatedly told that my collection looks brand new.  See for can shop GlamAmor through the online store or in person at the showroom at the California Market Center.  Celebrate Earth Day every day by enjoying a little vintage!

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