Wednesday, April 6, 2011

GlamAmor at April's A Current Affair

It has truly been a whirlwind of activity for me since last weekend.  Saturday and Sunday was A Current Affair downtown at the Cooper Design Center's penthouse.  For those who don't know, A Current Affair is a group of 20+ vintage vendors who all have carefully curated collections.  The wonder of the group is that each of the vintage collections is vastly different.  Some are sophisticated.  Some are progressive.  Some are boho chic. Some are over the top glamorous.  And GlamAmor, as you know, is colorful and classic.  What each vendor has in common is the high quality of the clothing and the respect that what we're selling is truly art.  A Current Affair also invites a guest to curate his own micro collection from all the vendors.  This show featured Emmy award-winning costume designer and author of Color Your Style, David Zyla.

This was the third time our group got together and it was the most successful yet.  Saturday night in particular was an incredible party with wall to wall people.  There were nearly 300 advance tickets so we knew it would be a hit, but none of us could imagine just how packed it would get.  It suddenly got so busy that I had to stop taking pictures!  We had a great DJ spinning who recently worked with Lady Gaga and knew just what to play to keep the energy high.  And sponsors PAMA and IZZE sure made for a great cocktail bar. The fun carried over to Sunday morning, too, where mimosas tickled our tastebuds as everyone shopped.

As always, a huge amount of thanks goes to Richard and Joey (and Jude and Gerard) for their tireless organizational efforts.  And I had fun seeing and spending time with each of the vendors again--you're such a great group!  Many thanks as well to everyone who came and was so supportive of GlamAmor.  I appreciate it more than you know.

Everyone's already asking about the next show, which will likely be in August this year.  Stay tuned shoppers!

Getting ready to start the show

Welcome to GlamAmor!

Color Your Style:  1970s red silk shirtdress with matching tie belt, 1950s gold clutch,
 gold hoop earrings, single skinny gold bangle bracelet, Guess nude patent peeptoe pumps

My girlfriend, Molly, was such a stunner in this 1960s faux fur coat that she actually attracted strangers to the booth to compliment her!  Needless to say, she went home with the coat and a series of great quotes including, "This coat transforms me."  No argument demonstrated the power of the right girl with the right garment.  Molly was truly feeling herself and it was an amazing moment.

In another great coat, fashionista Rachel bought this 1960s jade Lilli Ann
 after a Twit pic of herself elicited cries of "BUY IT!" from her friends

My blogger buddies Sinclaire and Amy--Sinclaire ended up going home with a
summer hat from Reclaimed in LA and a near mint silk top from GlamAmor

A bachelorette party stopped to shop and play dress up at GlamAmor to celebrate their girl's night out--
coat dress, belt, purse, and shoes all by GlamAmor

David Zyla, Emmy award winning costume designer and author of Color Your Style,
curated a collection from A Current Affair vendors in a gilded palette

Sunday Morning:  1950s chartreuse Miss Elliette cotton and lace swing dress, 1960s black patent leather purse, 
Charles David black leather strappy stilettos, 1950s onyx and silver bangle bracelet, silver hoop earrings

Me and Joey Grana of Scout

Richard Wainwright and Jude Orlando sharing pearls of their vintage wisdom with a fan

 Blogger Ari and her sister shopping Richard's sophisticated jewelry collection

My neighbor Liz Baca of The Goods! presenting her gorgeous gowns in color blocks like GlamAmor

Also fans of color, Robert Black and Doreen Picerne delighted the crowd by dressing a model in several of their vintage ensembles

More color from Mercy Vintage (above) and Reclaimed in LA (below) 

Susan McCullough of Siren Vintage

Sandra shopping Siren's extensive collection of designer dresses

Me and Sandra Mendoza-Daly of Debutante Clothing

Jermel Nakia with his gorgeous gowns from Nakia's Vintashee 

1980s and progressive vintage from Bryan and Jillian of Weltenbuerger

New exhibitor, Dara Gerson of Alkemie jewelry 

Thanks everyone for a wonderful show!  
Next stop for GlamAmor?  My new showroom at the California Market Center!


xxM said...

Gorgeous clothes and gorgeous lady :) I'm kicking myself in the butt for not being able to make it out!

Looks like you did great!!


Kimberly Truhler said...

This A Current Affair show was AMAZING--I wish you could have seen it all. But the next one is in August and bound to be another great time, so don't you worry. : ) Thanks for the kind words about me and GlamAmor! xoxo

Unknown said...

Fantastic post! The shopping event looked so great, I wish I could have made it! Next year...


Kimberly Truhler said...

No need to wait until next year, Whitney--the next shows will be in August and December this year. Hope to see you there!

TheGoods! said...

Great post!! Thank you for including my "Goods" :) love being your neighbor...we're the color corner ;) xoxo

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