Thursday, May 19, 2011

InStyle Swimsuit Shopping for Summer

Usually around May each year, the fashion magazines put together spreads of swimsuit suggestions for summer.  My favorite ones so far have come from this month's InStyle magazine and are shown below.  After doing recent articles on Esther Williams' career and style influence, I continue to marvel at the number of today's swimsuit designs that are inspired by her.  Retro shapes--like the one worn by Marilyn Monroe on Santa Monica Beach (above)--are completely on trend this season and featured in all the magazines.  You can find some really great (and affordable) ones at Popina.  Even designs that don't necessarily seem vintage-inspired are direct descendants of Esther, such as the athletic two-strap tank that was one of her trademarks.  In looking through these swimsuits, they nearly all pay tribute to her.  Thanks Esther...and happy shopping, ladies!

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