Saturday, June 4, 2011

Cinema Connection--Chic Summer White

One of the reasons I chose to feature 1946's The Postman Always Rings Twice is because white is such a huge trend for summer and its classic cinema connection is so strong. Look at the number of pieces Irene designed for that movie that correlate with today's trends--the Little White Dress, the lace dress, the shirtdress, the blouse and pencil skirt, retro swimsuits, and even the turban. All are huge for Spring/Summer and Resort 2011.  

Postman shows how every single piece of your wardrobe could be white and you would look stunning. There's something almost magical about wearing white in that it makes every woman look more beautiful. You are lightened and brightened. It looks great in a range of design, from very minimal and tailored all the way to super frilly. As a color, white also seems to transcend the situation--city or beach? boardroom or play?--along with the season. If I had to choose one color for my closet, it would be white.

I also love that each piece of Lana's wardrobe is accented with the simplest of jewelry--petite gold hoops--so that nothing detracts or distracts from the form of the clothing. This happens to be my own style philosophy as well. Though I do change up white outfits with different accessories throughout the year, my absolute staples are sets of simple 2" hoops in both sterling silver and gold that I wear almost every day.

Despite the fact that the wardrobe from Postman has inspired trends today, these are all classic pieces that transcend time. They are just as relevant today as they were 65 years ago and they will remain so 65 years from now. They also work on women of every age and can be interpreted and accessorized differently depending on the individual. This is yet another example of why I am quite devoted to the timeless nature of classic style. 

ABOVE:  White blouse and pencil skirt in Harper's Bazaar

White lace dresses, seen everywhere from Self Magazine (above) to WhoWhatWear
and me going to the Jonathan Club in a vintage 1980s white lace dress

Retro bathing suits, where Lana's came even before Esther Williams,
with me in a white retro bathing suit while surfing in Cabo San Lucas

The Little White Dress, which has now become as essential as the LBD,
with me at the TCM Classic Film Festival in a vintage 1950s white woven cotton swing dress

The white shirtdress, such as this updated mini version on Zooey Deschanel

The turban, which appeared on several runways from Jason Wu (above) to Armani

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