Sunday, October 2, 2011

Out & About with Marion Davies--GlamAmor's First Video Live This Week!

The first video production of GlamAmor's Out & About series will be live this week!  The pilot episode kicks things off at the former beachfront estate of 1920s-30s screen star Marion Davies, which is now the Annenberg Beach House in Santa Monica.  Absolutely all of Old Hollywood played there, and the original Guest House (above) and pool are still a part of the site.  It's positively magical.  We had so much wonderful material from our visit there that countless hours have been spent editing down to our 15 minute show.  The video will be posted on GlamAmor's YouTube Channel with companion posts here where many more details and photos will help you delve even deeper into Marion's incredible life.  

GlamAmor's Out & About video series will feature all of my favorite places and people around Southern California whose history is connected with classic cinema.  I promise plenty of glamour and incredible style.  Stay tuned!

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Marline said...

Cannot WAIT to see this!

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