Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Watch GlamAmor in TCM Podcast for November's "Battle of the Blondes"

November on Turner Classic Movies is going to be a real "Battle of the Blondes"...everyone from Marlene Dietrich to Brigitte Bardot will be featured in their film festival Mondays and Wednesdays throughout the month.  Tonight Marilyn Monroe kicks things off showing her sultrier side as a femme fatale in 1953's Niagara.  

As a quintessential blonde myself, I was invited by TCM to discuss the iconic style of these iconic blondes with host Scott McGee for this month's podcast.  Watch and then delve deeper into the discussion here on GlamAmor...all the women are already in the Cinema Style File , including the most recent addition of Doris Day in Pillow Talk.  You can also scroll through the Style Subject Archives in the sidebar to find all of your favorite films and stars.  

I promise much more on these exciting and exceptional women throughout November, so stay tuned for all the photo stories and videos coming on GlamAmor!


Melissa Clark said...

Hi Kimberly,

Great podcast! Grace Kelly is my #1 blonde style influence, too, followed closely by Doris Day. Fifties elegance à la "Rear Window" and "Pillow Talk" is definitely my cup of tea.

I've grown really fond of Jean Harlow lately, though, between seeing her movies on TCM in March and visiting an exhibit about her at the Hollywood Museum in April. Such a fabulous star with an iconic style.


Marline said...

Hi, Kimberly! GREAT podcast! I have to say that the 30's blondes are my favorites, too...closely followed by the unsung blondes of the 40s...what about Ginger Rogers!!?? Priscilla Lane? Irene Dunne? Jean Arthur? Sonya Henie (yes, I said that!)? I guess what they lack in sex appeal, they make up in pure pluck and spunk. Did you ever see Ginger in "The Major and the Minor?" There's a hilarious sequence when all the girls at a prep school dance show up with peek-a-boo bangs--what a tribute!
Thanks for a terrific post and podcast!

Kimberly Truhler said...

We have such similar taste, Melissa! Those two movies are pretty much my style ideal as well. Would love to snap my fingers and have both of those wardrobes in my closet. No need to shop ever again. lol

And I've taken a more appreciative look at Jean Harlow recently as well. Like Marilyn, another fantastic figure but her attitude is so different. Much more confident and like one of the guys at times. A lot of fun to watch. I always enjoy seeing the origins of styles and she's the origin of several. She's hugely popular on GlamAmor...Jean was the most viewed star ever for a while until another blonde--Brigitte Bardot--took the top spot. :)

Kimberly Truhler said...

Thank you and so glad you enjoyed the podcast, Kay! There are so many great blondes in the movies, aren't there? I would have loved to have been in that brainstorming meeting at TCM when they narrowed down the list. I think they did a very good job of hitting the big ones, though I may have offered up some different choices of films here and there. I look forward to learning more about Diana Dors, who I don't know that much about truth be told. But that's the great thing about classic cinema...there is always something to learn and it's always time well spent. :)

Lainer said...

Marlene was way ahead of her time. She was sexy, confident and a wonderful presence.

Kimberly Truhler said...

Agreed, Zen! Marlene was Paramount's answer to Greta Garbo, and what a star. There's a real energy about her, like you never know what she's about to do. And what style! The tuxedo in MOROCCO (which can be seen on GlamAmor) is iconic. She really set the style bar high in the 1930s...everyone after that is just trying to catch up.

Daniel said...

wonderful post! i love cinema and these girl were -better said, ARE- great actresses... May anyone tell me who's the one in the corner? Next Julie Christie?!?! im 20! forgive my ignorance! :D

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