Monday, December 5, 2011

Cinema Connection--Grace's Gowns in TO CATCH A THIEF are Fit for a Princess

Few wardrobes are as influential as the one Edith Head created for Alfred Hitchock's To Catch A Thief.  As I mentioned in my video on its cinema style, this is particularly true of Grace Kelly's gowns from the movie...they are iconic.  Both the blue and white versions are a study in chiffon that have become reference points for anyone wanting to buy or create a Grecian gown.  Though many have tried, few have done better than Edith and her team at Paramount.  Don't let the simplicity of the shapes fool you...the structure, fit, and careful draping continue to inform designers in the highest houses of fashion today.  It's such an archetype that you'll see the designs in more accessible collections like J. Crew as well.  Take a look at a few of the connections below...seems these elegant evening gowns are truly fit for a princess.

Another princess, Diana of Wales, loved Grace's blue gown so much 
she asked designer Catherine Walker to create one for her in 1987

Yet another princess--Grace's granddaughter, Charlotte Casiraghi--recently wore Giambattista Valli, 
which appears something of a cross between both the blue and white gowns

Though high-end designers often refer to the gowns in To Catch a Thief,
more affordable collections like J. Crew (above) also borrow from these classics 


Marline said...

I love when you show us how Edith's inspired gown designs live on...What could be more touching and lovely than to see Princess Grace's descendent gowned so magnificently!? This is so inspiring, Kimberly, thanks! (And don't you get tired of some folks belittling Edith's talent as a designer (Bob Mackie, I'm looking at you!)? She was terrific! And a mentor for anyone who dares to dream and has the gumption to stick to her beliefs!

Kimberly Truhler said...

It is really something to see Charlotte giving homage to her grandmother in that gown, isn't it? So gorgeous...she looks just like her mom, Caroline. And beyond that example, Edith's version of a Grecian gown is copied EVERYWHERE. I couldn't even show all the versions out there right now, but hopefully people will start to see it more and more when they're shopping.

Bob Mackie has spoken ill of Ms. Head?! COME ON. Honestly, even he probably doesn't realize all the ways that she's directly and indirectly influenced his own designs. He might be much more over-the-top in his designs, but even those types of designs require a real structure to them. Much like Picasso, you have to know and practice the classics before you branch out beyond it.

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