Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cinema Connection--It's Black and White for Angie Dickinson in 1960's OCEANS 11

When I went to model at NBC Studios last week, the Access Hollywood Live style segment was all about the Little Black Dress.  Thus, I chose one of my own to wear that day...a vintage 1960s black pique shift with a white collar (below).  I really love the simplicity of the lines and graphic appeal of the black and white, a look that's on trend for Fall/Winter 2011 but one that's truly timeless.  

Whenever I wear this dress, I can't help but think of Angie Dickinson in 1960's Oceans 11.  In Angie's opening scene, her character Beatrice greets husband Danny Ocean (Frank Sinatra) and friend Sam Harmon (Dean Martin) in a black shortsleeve shift with a white standup collar.  Pearls accessorize the outfit, which I wear with mine as well to really accent the white in the dress.  Though the movie is known for the smart suits and sweaters of the polished Rat Pack, Angie shines in her own sophisticated wardrobe by costume designer Howard Shoup.  Eee-O-Eleven!

Angie and Dean on the Oceans 11 set (above) and
leaders of the Rat Pack--Frank, Dean, and Peter Lawford--at the movie's Las Vegas premiere


Marline said...

It strikes me, too, Kimberly, that Angie has a certain "angelic" look in the nun-like severity of her color scheme and silhouette...coincidence?
Perhaps not! She's the "good girl" in this, albeit a fallen angel of sorts. Interesting post!
Love, Kay

Kimberly Truhler said...

Thanks Kay! Angie definitely has an angelic look in this movie and acts as the good girl. She is the steady moral center of the relationship and the movie. Much less than the coincidental color scheme, it's the fact that she seems to be covered a lot more than the other girls in the movie! lol Peter Lawford, for one, is shown getting a rubdown by a girl in hot pants. Angie, in contrast, shows that you don't have to reveal a lot to be sexy...sophisticated can be sexy and I love her for that.

And this particular costume is timeless in its black and white, something that I could easily have in my wardrobe today. I wish! Happy to have something similar, which is why I share in this post. :)

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