Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cinema Connection--Timeless 1950s are On Trend for Summer

One of the biggest trends for Summer 2012 is the influence of the 1950s.  Its style has been seen in endless editorials and features for all the magazines recently--W, Vogue, Allure, and Glamour just to name a few.  Another was Harper's Bazaar (shown here), which hired famed photographer Terry Richardson to capture model Miranda Kerr in "Flirty Fifties" inspired fashion.  Not surprisingly, the shoot was styled with two icons of the era in mind--Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe.

As fans of GlamAmor know, the 1950s never goes out of fashion.  It's timeless.  Marilyn and Grace both show this through their individual and iconic style.  Marilyn, as we've been discussing throughout the month, was overtly sexy and worked with designers like William Travilla and Jean who emphasized every asset through body conscious cuts.  Very voluptous and va va voom dresses.  Grace, on the other hand, was much more subtle in her sex appeal and dressed by designers like Edith Head and Helen Rose...women known for their understated elegance. Very ladylike and refined dresses and separates.  Together these stars show the full spectrum of style in the 1950s and whether onscreen or off, their fashion choices continue to be an inspiration for us all.

So take a look and remind yourself just how inspiring the 1950s can be.

One of the iconic (and Oscar winning) illusion dresses by Orry-Kelly for 1959's Some Like It Hot
and the influence manifest in Oscar de la Renta (at top)

The little black tank dress by Donna Karan echoing the design of one
Marilyn wore for photographer and designer (My Fair Lady) Cecil Beaton in 1956

Elegant suiting by Louis Vuitton influenced by
Grace's engagement suit while visiting family with future husband Prince Albert of Monaco

Easy classic separates from Marc Jacobs hint at 
Grace's iconic style courtesy of Edith Head in 1954's Rear Window


Marline said...

The examples you've found, Kimberly, of the on-trend 50's outfits are DARLING! Great job, as always, inspiring and lovely. Love the contrast of Grace and Marilyn!!
Hugs, Kay

Kimberly Truhler said...

Thanks so much, Kay! Remarkable how fashions from the 50s are still so influential.

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