Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cinema Connection--Fall Trends Showcase Influence of Kay Francis' 1930s Style

Though we're still in the month of August and heat waves continue to hit us all across the country, both Hollywood and the fashion industry are starting to look with real excitement toward Fall.  Celebrities are already hitting some red carpets in outfits from the upcoming (cooler) season and magazines are each announcing the trends you need to know for Fall.  Many of the trends have to do with color--deep purples, rich reds, glittering gold, and the perennial black are all emerging in different ways on runway after runway.  Military style is also big, so look for olive and khaki color-wise with details such as added pockets, buckles, and belts.  

As I have discussed on GlamAmor, menswear is another of the style highlights this season with inspiration ranging from Katharine Hepburn in Woman of the Year (1942) to Diane Keaton in Annie Hall (1977).  Art Deco style is also on trend...still in full swing from last Fall when Oscar-winner The Artist made such a splash, continuing through Spring, and now appearing on this Fall's runways as well.  Much of the reason is a combination of Downton Abbey fever and Baz Luhrmann's greatly anticipated The Great Gatsby, whose Prada-filled wardrobe was destined to be seen onscreen in December.  Unfortunately, it's not to be...its premiere was recently postponed to the Summer of 2013, so I would wager the Deco trend will be seen in design at least another season.  If not even longer.

When people discuss Art Deco design, it often ranges from the full-on flapper 1920s to the Streamline Moderne of the 1930s.  Both, right now, are hot.  Silhouettes from the 1930s are some of my personal favorites for evening and Kay Francis, whose glamorous and sophisticated style I just highlighted, is one of my inspirations.  Apparently, I'm not the only one.  Ralph Lauren (above) and Michael Kors are two designers who also know their film history well, and both show inspiration from Ms. Francis this season.  Kay was known for her body-conscious gowns that plunged deeply in the front or back (sometimes both), and you can see this influence in their Fall 2012 collections.  It's no wonder I love so many of their pieces...these are yet further examples of the ongoing influence of classic cinema.

ABOVE:  Ralph Lauren pairs feathers with black bias-cut silk and
Kay Francis in the original by Travis Banton for 1932's Trouble in Paradise

Michael Kors shows a plunging black halter gown for Fall

Silver, gold, and black in an Art Deco masterpiece by Ralph Lauren
with a plunging front and back worthy of Kay

All gold--one of the hottest Fall trends--seen in sequins at Michael Kors

Ralph Lauren shows another trend for Fall--purple--
in a one-shouldered column, a favorite silhouette of Kay's

Red and more red--yet another hot Fall color--at Michael Kors with a classic 1930s fur collar 


Beautiful Day said...

These pictures are wonderful! Oh to have somewhere to wear such exquisite gowns! :)

Marline said...

These are incredible gowns and I'm so impressed at how perfectly you've matched them up with this season's after-five looks! I especially love the matching clip and belt buckle set Kay wears in that last image with William Powell. Stunning!! Wonderful work, Kimberly, as always. I'm sure Kay Francis' name is on more people's lips these days, thanks to your turning the spotlight on her! Hugs, Kay

Kimberly Truhler said...

Thank you, Wendy! Yes, we need to dream up an occasion to get all dressed up. :) I think both Ralph Lauren and Michael Kors do a great job on the design-side of keeping it minimal yet acknowledging their past inspiration.

Now if we can just get them to manufacture their lines in the US! :)

Kimberly Truhler said...

Thank you, Kay! Yes a lot of legwork in order to find the perfect partners for Kay, but think I found good ones that prove my point. I also love Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren for their design, especially since they are such aficionados of classic film.

And yes, that clip and belt buckle set that Kay wears is gorgeous!

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