Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Time & Silence Line Will Soon Debut at LA Market Week!

In addition to the work I do teaching the history of fashion in film and selling boutique vintage for GlamAmor, I am also involved in the modern fashion world as well.  For many months, my partner Alan Chan and I have been hard at work on our line Time & Silence and will soon debut our Spring 2013 collection at LA's Market Week!  

Time & Silence is our line of luxury casual clothing for both men and women.  High quality fabrics....centering on selvage denim and linens.  High quality construction...local Los Angeles artisans using French seams and triple-stitch construction.  And high quality style...timeless garments that can go anywhere.  We make pieces you can and will want to keep forever.  Of course cinema icons like Robert Redford and Ali MacGraw are often on my mind for their classic casual style.

We already sell at Glory Sales & Service in Hollywood--where Steve McQueen is king--and have a showroom at the California Market Center, but showing at FOCUS during Market Week will be like a coming out party.  We are really excited to get to know the buyers and even more of the designers, stylists, and fashion media who work in the industry downtown.

Here is some of our lookbook for Spring 2013.  Learn what goes into each of our pieces and shop at Time & Silence!

Selvage linen weekender (in navy) + slim straight selvage denim (in white)

Gingham linen + slim straight raw selvage denim (in blackout)

Selvage linen weekender (in navy) + slim straight selvage denim (in white)

On him:  classic flannel (in gray/blue) + slim straight selvage denim (in indigo)

On her:  selvage linen weekender (in light blue) + slim straight selvage denim (in blackout)

Selvage denim workshirt (in indigo) + slim straight selvage denim (in white)


Christian Esquevin said...

Kimberly - I love gingham, flannel and linen, so as far as men's wear goes, that's a great trio of fabrics for my taste. I'll look forward to seeing your line available.

Kimberly Truhler said...

Thank you SO MUCH, Christian. That means a lot to me....I really appreciate it. Trying to keep the pieces classic while still modern. I LOVE being able to create clothes for men! Our Fall 2013 will include more pieces for the ladies as well.

My apologies for not being on your wonderful SILVER SCREEN MODISTE lately. Things just have gotten so busy. Now in talks to teach the History of Fashion in Film this Spring, too! Would love to hear how your new book is coming...

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