Thursday, February 21, 2013

Cinema Connection--Fashion is Mad for Mod for Spring 2013

As any fashionista knows, the 1960s made a big splash on the runways for Spring/Summer 2013.  The decade often makes an appearance in Spring collections because of its tendency toward shorter lengths and loads of color.  This Spring, the Mod movement of the late 1960s was a particular inspiration for many who incorporated it into their designs.  We saw a lot of A-line silhouettes, miniskirts, geometric shapes and stripes, sequins, abstract prints, and of course a bunch of bright color.  Even leather--normally reserved for the colder months--was a material that manifested in the very modern design.  Marc Jacob's line for Louis Vuitton (above center and below) was one that was celebrated for its presentation and adherence to the Mod aesthetic.

1967's Two for the Road seemed to be a particular influence this Spring, especially since the movie's Mod costume design was done by some of the luminaries of the Swinging London scene.  Mary Quant's rugby dress acts as an ongoing inspiration for designers like Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger.  Paco Rabanne's metal paillette mini dress kicked off a trend for silver sequins, seen on girls such as Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato at the recent MTV Video Awards.  Michele Rosier's infamous PVC suit seemed to influence pieces at Balmain and Rue de Mail.  And Andres Courreges made a particular impact on fashion this season, especially at Michael Kors.  His is one of my favorite collections for Spring, so enjoy some of his best and their Cinema Connection to Two for the Road

TOP: Some of the Mod squad on the Spring 2013 runways,
including a yellow suit from Michael Kors, courtesy of

Andres Courreges' sporty jacket in emerald green and white stripes
is paired with his iconic white wrap-around sunglasses

Michael Kors' collection featured a lot of stripes and green,
which was chosen as Pantone's 2013 Color of the Year

A Mod white suit on Audrey Hepburn is styled with another pair of Courreges sunglasses

Loads of white for Spring included Mod suiting and coats

The rugby dress--likely by Mary Quant--is done by many designers today, 
including Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger

The rugby dress also inspired stripes, stripes, and more stripes for Spring 
such as those at Michael Kors

Perhaps the most iconic look from Two for the Road is the silver sequin dress from Paco Rabanne

The Mod movement loved experimenting with materials
such as sequins--from metal to plastic--and the look of leather 

The PVC suit from Michele Rosier is yet another source of inspiration from Two for the Road

Mod models closing the Spring show at Michael Kors


Marline said...

LOL...we are on the same wavelength, sister! I love the Audrey slant you've shared here--she's still inspiring fashionistas young and old! The colors, the patterns, the shapes, the fun's all here! Good ol' Michael Kors--he's one of the top designers who reaches into his TV guide and TCM lineup to create his looks. Thanks for this fun write-up, Kimberly! Nicely done, as always!!!

Kimberly Truhler said...

Thanks Kay! I knew that you, too, had seen all the signs of 1960s in fashion right now. I mean, it's everywhere. I couldn't help but call attention to at least one of the movies that inspires the fashion designers today. Some are great at it, like Ralph Lauren and Michael Kors. And yes, Michael is a great example of someone who appreciates the design of classic cinema and puts his own spin on it. I enjoyed sharing some of his great work.

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