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TCM Classic Film Festival 2013--Saturday with Jane Fonda and Cybill Shepherd at the Chinese Theater

Though my Friday night at the recent TCM Classic Film Festival was a late one due to my hosting A Foreign Affair (and then afterward toasting with champagne), I still knew I would have to rise and shine early Saturday morning.  Each year of the festival, TCM has hosted a handprint ceremony at Grauman's (now TCL) Chinese Theater--Peter O'Toole and Kim Novak have been past honorees.  This year was dedicated to Jane Fonda.  Though often controversial, the woman has had an incredible career--both on and off camera--and an even bigger life.  The daughter of legendary actor Henry Fonda, there is genius in her genes.  She also inherited a strong work ethic and real dedication to her art.  As an actress, she was so believable in a wide variety of parts.  For example, within the span of one year, her roles ranged from the drama of The China Syndrome (1979) to the comedy of 9 to 5 (1980)...and both stories were equally timely.  Her greatest performance was perhaps with On Golden Pond (1981), where she bought the screen rights to be able to act opposite her father.  She ended up getting Henry Fonda the Oscar he always deserved.  

My media credentials allowed me to be seated on the red carpet right in front of Jane as she signed the cement, and she was absolutely stunning.  She could not have looked better.  Jane is one of those people who practices what she preaches when it comes to health and fitness, and the result is perfect posture and a fantastic figure.  Even the jaded paparazzi could not help but ooh and ahh over her through the ceremony.  When they shouted how "great" she looked, it was clear they genuinely meant it.  She exuded pure joy at being there, too, which was refreshing...several times acknowledging her father and how thrilled she was to have her handprints next to his at the iconic theater.  TCM host Robert Osborne, Maria Shriver, and Lily Tomlin gave heartfelt tributes to their friend followed by Jane's son Troy Garity.  More family and friends were lined up alongside the podium including brother Peter Fonda and stepmother Shirley Fonda as well as Eva Longoria, Rosanna Arquette, and Jim Carey.  The photographers went nuts snapping pictures throughout the event.

The rest of Saturday afternoon--and much of Sunday, too--was spent at the movies and seeing some of the great guest talks at the Roosevelt Hotel.  Historian Cari Beauchamp put on a wonderful presentation of her Women of Early Hollywood, which of course featured Mary Pickford, Frances Marion, and someone I know well, Marion Davies.  Max von Sydow, star of my festival favorite Three Days of the Condor (1975), spoke with Leonard Maltin at length about his career with directors ranging from Ingmar Bergman to Woody Allen.  Screenings at the festival included many of The Style Essentials here on GlamAmor such as Gilda (1946), It Happened One Night (1934), Bonnie and Clyde (1967), and Mildred Pierce (1945).  I was fortunate enough to stand right next to that film's star, the ageless Ann Blyth, as she spoke with Robert on air about her life in and out of Hollywood.

Mildred Pierce was a movie I had to miss on the big screen as it was scheduled opposite the one I hosted Saturday night--Flying Down to Rio (1933).  Rio was a popular choice with the festival audience because, though Dolores del Rio and Gene Raymond received top billing, this was the first movie Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers starred in together.  With everyone dancing in costume design by both Walter Plunkett and Irene, the film was such fun to introduce.  TCM made things even more fun by pairing me with Cybill Shepherd in front of the appreciative crowd, and we talked about what impacted us most about Rio's style.  She was positively charming and another reason that the theater was packed for the film.  You can see our entire discussion in the video below.  

A huge thank you to TCM once again for yet another incredible festival and offering me the opportunity to be a part of it all.  I was so honored and thrilled to be there.  Can't wait for 2014!

Another gorgeous morning at the TCM Classic Film Festival...
Saturday kicked off with a handprint ceremony for Jane Fonda at the iconic Chinese Theater

Guests who were involved in Jane's ceremony included (l-r, below)
Robert Osborne, Maria Shriver, Lily Tomlin, Eva Longoria, Shirley Fonda, and (far right) Jim Carey

Lily cracks up the crowd with her loving introduction of friend Jane

Jane immortalizing her peace sign--the first print of its kind in cement at the Chinese Theater

Drinking in the moment and remembering father Henry Fonda (whose handprints are there, too)
along with family Peter Fonda, Shirley Fonda, and Troy Garity

Jane admires her handiwork along with TCM's Genevieve McGillicuddy and Robert Osborne

For the ceremony, I joined the paparazzi on the red carpet right in front of Jane
wearing a vintage 1950s apple green cotton and white lace dress

Back at the Chinese Theater in its greenroom later Saturday night
to host 1933's Flying Down to Rio with Cybill Shepherd

Stopping by for a touch up from makeup artist TC  
in a vintage early 1960s blue watercolor wiggle dress and coral patent leather pumps
(thanks to Karen Noske for photos)

TCM's Creative Director Pola Changnon introduces me to the audience...
I, in turn, introduce my guest Cybill Shepherd

Cybill and I enjoy talking about all things style

Thanks to TCM and Cybill for such a great time!

Thanks to Adam Rose and Luanne Withee for photos of me and Cybill


Marline said...

I'm glad you're posting these memory-filled posts a few at a's so wonderful to go back and recall the fun and fashion of each moment. That apple-green dress is so fresh and pretty and you're so right, Jane on the red carpet looked phenomenal! Cybill was such an interesting guest and she clearly admired and respected her interviewer--she said, backstage, that she was so impressed with your film history knowledge. Two gorgeous blondes at an ideal setting...what could be better?? So glad you shared these wonderful memories, Kimberly!

Kimberly Truhler said...

Thanks so much, Kay! It is fun to relive our time there, and Saturday was truly a special day at the festival. Just a rush of activities and people to meet. The night with Cybill at FLYING DOWN TO RIO was exceptional and glad you were there to witness it all, compliments from her and all. ;)

This is likely my last official post on TCMFF as Sunday flew by with my not taking nearly enough photos. I don't even have one photo of you or I from the closing night party! Clearly, I was living in the moment and the camera took a back seat to all the fun. :)

The Lady Eve said...

You have vintage DOWN, Kimberly, tres chic! Your posts on the 2013 TCMFF are convincing me that I've got to make a point of attending one of these years. Jane has always looked fantastic - and then there's her genius as an entrepreneur and her commitment to social issues. Quite a woman.

Kimberly Truhler said...

What a lovely compliment--thank you, Patricia! I'm glad you enjoy my vintage clothes at the festival. It's such fun. I really love styling the different dresses. Kay will attest to the rolling garment rack I brought to the Roosevelt to hang all the options. ;) lol

I would LOVE it if you came to one of the festivals...would be so great to meet you in person! That's definitely one of the great things about these festivals is meeting all the passionate people who love these films and know one another online. And every year of the TCMFF seems to get better, so I know you'd have a great time.

Jane is a remarkable person. She seems to have lived about six or seven lives by now with the evolution of her career in film and all of her passions outside of it. Been a fan for some time for the reasons you mention.

Silver Screenings said...

Great photos, and great red pumps!

Jane Fonda looks utterly fabulous, and Cybill Shepherd does too! I hope TCM makes you a permanent host/interviewer at these festivals. :)

Kimberly Truhler said...

Why thank you Silver Screenings! I appreciate the props to my coral pumps as well as my interviewing abilities. ;) lol I love everyone at TCM and loved talking style in the movies at the festival, so it would be lovely to do it again.

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