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Cinema Connection--Ali MacGraw and LOVE STORY Style for Fall 2014

I'm far from letting go of summer, but fashion magazines and stores are already showcasing some of the best trends for Fall.  As always, I look to see how classic cinema continues to inspire designers, and some of the strongest style of the upcoming season comes courtesy of the timeless Love Story.  The costume design by Pearl Somner and Alice Manougian Martin was an immediate hit in fashion when the film first premiered in 1970 and it offers ongoing inspiration today.  Designers like Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger, and Ralph Lauren regularly reference its style in their classic collections, but Love Story's influence is surprisingly far-reaching.  Brands ranging from Alice & Olivia to ASOS also take note.  Even Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte--a high fashion line known for its feminine but often edgy style--have cited Love Story as their favorite movie of all time.  

One of the reasons that Love Story is such a touchstone for Fall and Winter is that the movie is mostly set during these colder months and coats are a huge part of its style.  With a backdrop of the Ivy League, the character of poor but brilliant Jenny Cavalleri (Ali MacGraw) wears several classic coats throughout the film--a peacoat, a belted camel coat, and another coat in creamy cashmere.  To change up the looks, Somner and Martin accessorized with different scarves and hats that coordinate with the overall outfit.  Ali's own knit cap made it into the movie and became so popular it was copied endlessly at the time.  Jenny's dresses are simple but stunning, especially the longsleeve red dress she wears to meet the wealthy parents of boyfriend Oliver Barrett (Ryan O'Neal).  And appropriate for the era, Love Story also features several mini skirts in both tweed and plaid.  Plaid skirts have turned into a huge trend for the upcoming season, particularly when paired with tights.  Just as Jenny did to battle the Boston cold.

Most of the clothes I show here are from current collections, but I've also woven in a few from recent years to show that this film is always popular.  Last year, style sites like Into the Gloss and the Zoe Report offered various aspects of inspiration from the movie, including Ali's bare-faced beauty.  Lucky magazine also did an article called "It's Fall, So Let's All Dress Like Ali MacGraw in Love Story."  No matter what your personal style, this seems like something we can all agree on.  Take a look at my own full article on Love Story to see even more from the film, then start your shopping. When the warmth of summer finally starts to wane, you'll be ready to bundle up in style.

PHOTOS: Love Story inspired shoot for Tommy Hilfiger 2013 (above)
and Bernard students in 1970 showing immediate impact of Love Story with their coats and sleek hair

Plaid skirts are huge for Fall 2014 as Saint Laurent (above)
and Kate Spade Saturday both show

Street style shared on Pop Sugar (above)
as well as styling for both show evidence of Love Story style

Tommy Hilfiger's Fall 2013 collection showed Love Story inspiration in
 its plaid skirt, knit accessories, and peacoat as well as the collegiate backdrop for its campaign

Peacoats are always classic but enjoying a moment of peak popularity for Fall 2014 
as shown by Saint Laurent (above) and T by Alexander Wang

Burberry (above) is always a perfect choice for a classic coat,
but many more fashion brands are also offering a parade of peacoats for Fall 2014

Camel coats are the center of a Fall 2010 street style shoot (above)
and continued to be on trend for Fall 2013

The camel coat trend continues for Fall 2014 as shown by Michael Kors (above)
and ASOS advertises theirs on model-of-the-moment Cara Delevingne

Cream coats are very popular for Fall 2014...
Scandal costume designer Lyn Paolo puts Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington, above) in Ferragamo
and here's another version from Tahari

More cream coats from Celine (above)
and Max Mara as worn by new spokesmodel Amy Adams

Even the Brits love Love Story style, especially her red dress from the film--
Kate Middleton in Alexander McQueen (above) and Emma Watson in Saloni

This year's The Other Woman shows costume designer Paolo Nieddu 
putting Cameron Diaz in a red dress reminiscent of Love Story

Love Story does have a brief moment of summer style and that, too, is influential...
Michael Kors shows his affection for the film with his Spring 2014 campaign


Silver Screenings said...

I've never seen this film, but the fashions are so iconic a person doesn't need to see it.

This post is particularly dangerous. I have an overwhelming desire to do some online Fall/Winter shopping!

Christian Esquevin said...

Very timely and timeless post Kimberly. I can remember when the movie was first released and the big impact it had, for its story and its style. Of course the "preppy" look had already been a fashion style even in Southern California in the mid-60s. But the current "trend" has also been helped by the new book "The Seven Sisters Style: the All-American Preppy Look," about the so-called seven sisters female colleges of the mid-century.

Kimberly Truhler said...

Thanks for your comment, Ruth! It's so true, isn't it? It REALLY says something about the power of the costume design from this movie that even people who haven't seen it know its style.

Try not to give yourself too hard a time about shopping...the good news is that this style is so timeless, anything you buy will be with you forever. Can't wait to hear what you get!

Kimberly Truhler said...

Thank you, Christian! I always love to hear your perspective on the impact at the time some of these films were released. And you're so right about SoCal style--even the surfers and skateboarders tapped into that preppy style. One only need think of the Beach Boys and their album covers.

And thank you for giving a shout out to that book on THE SEVEN SISTERS--that pic from Bernard with the Rizzoli credit is from that book and it gave a specific shout out to LOVE STORY for re-invigorating that preppy style. This film's influence just goes on and on... Yet, interestingly, there's hardly anything (including at the Herrick) about these costume designers!

Marline said...

Perfect, perfect, perfect! I love that LOVE STORY keeps on inspiring fall fashion! There's something so wonderful about that classic preppy style--so clean and snappy. And it's interesting that J.Crew, normally the biggest proponent of that style, is moving away from it. Just loved this post and as always, your hard work and mad research skills make it a wonderful and fun read. So lovely!

Kimberly Truhler said...

Thanks Kay! So glad you enjoyed it. You're so right about J. Crew, too--it used to be the place you could rely on for these classic pieces. Though some can still be found there, it seems like it's now evolved to appeal to a much trendier audience. Hopefully head designer Jenna Lyons will remember that some of us still love the classics!

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