Monday, October 16, 2017

Out and About - Presenting HISTORY OF FASHION IN FILM in Arizona

October started with me giving a talk on the HISTORY OF FASHION IN FILM in Tucson, Arizona for the Invisible Theatre's annual fundraiser. The Invisible Theatre has been a cultural institution for nearly 50 years and one of its talented leaders, Susan Claassen, is also the star of the incredible one-woman show A Conversation with Edith Head. Believe me when I say Suz IS Edith Head - you can see for yourself in our photo above. What was remarkable is that "Edith Head" introduced me to the audience and then sat in the front row, weighing in whenever I would discuss her films in the presentation, such as A Place in the Sun (a replica of Elizabeth Taylor's iconic gown is standing behind us). It was so much fun that Suz and I are discussing ways to do something together down the road.

The location of the event has its own remarkable history - the Skyline Country Club. It was built against the Santa Catalina Mountains as a "quiet" alternative to Palm Springs (where Kevin and I actually headed after our time in Arizona). The resort opened in 1962 and its earliest guests included Hollywood stars such as Frank Sinatra and Ann-Margret as well as sporting greats Mickey Mantle and Joe Namath.

Thanks to Suz, Jim Blair, Maryann Trombino, and all who made my time in Tucson such a delight! For those in Southern California, I'll be giving a similar talk on November 4 in the South Bay. You can find details on the GlamAmor Events page.

The Skyline Country Club - our event was in the circular Crown Room

 The Skyline Country Club has been a place where stars have stayed for more than 50 years -
this is the entrance to the Clubhouse in the 1970s

View of greater Tucson from the balcony outside the Crown Room -
both to the west (above) and the east

The Crown Room decorated in Suz's signature colors for the event 

Starting my presentation on the HISTORY OF FASHION IN FILM,
which many said was both entertaining and educational

 Kevin and I after the talk

During the trip, we also spent time with Kevin's parents 
who have a small ranch outside Tucson

Looking out on some of their land near the Dragoon mountains

With Kevin inside their great room
and with their husky Kaylee out on the patio

Back at our own place that we rented for the weekend
complete with a pool and hot tub overlooking the Santa Catalina Mountains

Ava loved being off leash in our fenced in backyard by the pool

Our next stop - Palm Springs

Thanks to Skyline Country Club for use of its exterior photos

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Christian Esquevin said...

Must have been great. What a wonderful occasion - you and Suz & company is just too much of a good thing. That's great that you took your presentation to Arizona. Kudos.

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