Thursday, September 19, 2019

You're Invited! Presenting STYLE OF SIN: MARLENE DIETRICH at Aero Theatre 9/29

Sunday, September 29 is the next event in my
6-part Pre-Code speaker/screening series at the American Cinematheque!

Pre-Code Film with Kimberly Truhler

Sunday, September 29
Aero Theatre
Santa Monica, CA

Talk starts at 1:00 pm 
followed by screenings of Morocco (1930) and Shanghai Express (1932)

The Pre-Code era of Hollywood refers to the years between 1930 when the Production Code was adopted and 1934 when it was in full effect. The Code prohibited seeing many sins on screen, so Pre-Code films are beloved for how risqué and provocative they could be with their look and content.

This 6-part series that introduces you to some of the most popular actresses of the Pre-Code era - Barbara Stanwyck, Kay Francis, Jean Harlow, Carole Lombard, Marlene Dietrich, Joan Blondell, and Joan CrawfordEach event will begin with one of my presentations followed by a double feature of films. There will be one event per month. 

Though costume design is important in film, it is particularly significant to the plot and production of the movies selected for this series. In each talk, you will also learn about the costume designers themselves - how they contributed to the style of the studios along with the evolution of the actresses' careers and personal style.

Upcoming events in the STYLE OF SIN series can be seen on the GlamAmor Events page. Carole Lombard will be Sunday, October 27 back at the Egyptian Theatre.

I wore a hot coral bouclé shift from the 1960s

Love the scale of the Egyptian Theatre courtyard,
which makes you feel like you're in an epic from Cecil B. DeMille

Friend Delta Burke once again came to celebrate Pre-Code film
and I introduced her to many of my classic film family

The courtyard of the Egyptian Theatre
still looks very much like it did at its opening in 1922

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