Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Watch GlamAmor-ous Conversations: Edith Head on Vimeo!

Last Sunday a couple hundred fans of both film and fashion joined me as I interviewed actress Susan Claassen as she channeled legendary costume designer Edith Head. I loved every minute of it. Suz and I both heard from a number of people who simply exclaimed "WOW!" and expressed their joy at attending the "wonderful" event. We were happy to offer an escape and thrilled to hear that it was both "fun AND educational." 
If you want to watch, the recording is now available on Vimeo! You will hear what it was like during Hollywood's Golden Age and learn the style secrets of many stars, including:

Mae West
Dorothy Lamour
Barbara Stanwyck
Veronica Lake
Hedy Lamarr
Bette Davis
Gloria Swanson
Elizabeth Taylor
Audrey Hepburn
Grace Kelly

I hope you enjoy it. And stay tuned - we'll be doing another focusing on the Hitchcock Blondes in August!

Suz and I in action

Shots sent from our audience

I did my best to channel the Hitchcock Blondes - 
my vintage 1960s dress was more inspired by The Birds (it even came with a jacket),
but I accessorized it a la my favorite film Rear Window

The event was pure joy for me -
can't wait for next time!

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