Wednesday, July 1, 2020

AN AFTERNOON WITH EDITH HEAD for the National Arts Club

On Tuesday, June 30, Susan Claassen and I joined forces once again to do An Afternoon with Edith Head for the National Arts Club! It was such an honor to work with the iconic cultural institution, which boasts more than 120 years of history and continues to do so much to promote the arts. The event could not have been more of a success - nearly 2,000 people attended live from all over the world. It's the biggest audience by far that the NAC has ever had - let me stress ever in their 120 year history - so we couldn't be more proud.

And the numbers continue to grow. As of this moment, the Facebook Live recording is quickly approaching 3,000 views and the NAC has just posted the event on their YouTube channel as well. I share that with you below.

Can't get enough? Suz and I will be together again as part of my own online series on Sunday, August 16 to discuss the stories behind the style of The Hitchcock Blondes. You can click here for more information and to register for this virtual event. 

This vintage 1950s floral fit-and-flare dress was my tribute to Grace Kelly in Rear Window -
I love the subtle variations of the blue and beautiful pleated skirt

The historic National Arts Club in New York City

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