Monday, December 14, 2020

New Website for the Historic Larry Edmunds Bookshop!

I am thrilled to announce that there is now a website for the beloved Larry Edmunds Bookshop! For anyone who may not know, Larry Edmunds is a cultural institution - a Hollywood book store that has focused on film and theatre history since 1938. It is the only independent book store still standing on Hollywood Boulevard, and it's been long celebrated as an invaluable resource for those who are interested and invested in film history. Many classic film fans have come to know and love Larry Edmunds because it has become an integral part of the TCM Classic Film Festival. Owner Jeff Mantor hosts author events at the store as well as book signings at the festival itself.

I'm also thrilled to announce that this is a site I designed and built over the past month or so. Integrated marketing has been my "day job" for 15 years - website development, social media, email marketing, e-commerce, print campaigns, and more - and I have been doing freelance marketing projects through the pandemic. This was definitely a passion project since I know Jeff very well and I certainly know Larry Edmunds' customers. I gave the website everything I thought our favorite store needed - a complete online shop (with new items added every day), an events calendar (with virtual events coming soon), and a blog to feature many of Larry Edmunds' greatest collaborators and contributors. The site also shares quite a bit of the store's fascinating history.

And in a case of worlds colliding, I happen to be one of the authors featured on the site. You can now pre-order an autographed copy of my book Film Noir Style: The Killer 1940s through the Larry Edmunds Bookshop. It is the only place you can do so. My book launches on January 12, and Jeff has invited me to do an online store event with him on January 30.

This project was a labor of love and I hope it helps Larry Edmunds build an even bigger community all over the world. Since it's coming up on the end of the year, I encourage everyone to shop the online store or contribute to their ongoing GoFundMe campaign through the site. Long live the Larry Edmunds Bookshop!

Historic photos from the Larry Edmunds Bookshop,
including Jeanne Moreau and Donald Sutherland in the 1970 film Alex in Wonderland (below)


Silver Screenings said...

The website looks great and is really easy to use.

Larry Edmunds is a treasure of a bookstore. The first time I was there, a frazzled-looking man ran in and demanded a copy of a certain script. Naturally, the bookstore (A) had a copy, and (B) the staff member produced it immediately, much to the relief of the frantic man. I realized then Larry Edmunds is a place of infinite possibilities, and it has remained a legend in my mind ever since.

Kimberly Truhler said...

Thank you so much and what an amazing story about the store! It really is filled with treasures, and Jeff and Sean are so kind and well-informed about everything. I look forward to the day when everyone can enjoy the shop in person. Until then, I hope many people use the website to support them and build their own libraries! :)

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