Tuesday, January 12, 2021

FILM NOIR STYLE: THE KILLER 1940s Launches Today!

It's here! At long last, we have arrived at the official launch day of my book Film Noir Style: The Killer 1940s! As most of you know, it has been a battle to get here with all the challenges the pandemic threw my publisher's way. But we persevered and orders are now shipping out from book stores across the country.

I'm thrilled to say Film Noir Style has already gotten rave reviews, with people describing it as everything from "enthralling" to a "luscious deep dive" and noting the "extensive" research. In addition, I recently received endorsements from a couple of my favorite people from Turner Classic Movies (TCM):

"Style is the essential appeal of film noir, and Kimberly Truhler's book is an essential addition to the history of the noir movement. I learned a lot."  
Eddie Muller, TCM Host and Film Noir Foundation Founder
"With Film Noir Style, Kimberly Truhler pulls off the tricky challenge of writing to a broad audience. Her well-written book will appeal to both film school graduates and more casual fans who simply love the look of noir, like Rita Hayworth's in Gilda. Truhler's exploration of Hollywood's darkest and sexiest movies of the 1940s has style of its own."  
Ben Mankiewicz, TCM Host

Film Noir Style may be launching today, but it has already been doing incredibly well. In fact, I learned over the weekend that the first shipment to the Larry Edmunds Bookshop actually SOLD OUT. Thank you all so much! If you're still interested in buying it from classic film's favorite book store, fear not - the Lare has requested more books which are already on the way for orders that continue to roll in.

Yesterday I drove to Larry Edmunds to sign the first batch of books in their outdoor area along Hollywood's Walk of Fame. We waited for Hollywood Boulevard to clear so I could briefly take off my mask for a couple quick pictures. Owner Jeff Mantor's mask stayed on, of course, and my own mask was back on in a flash so I could wear it while personalizing books for you all.

You can now find Film Noir Style just about everywhere - whether it's big retailers like Amazon or smaller local stores. But the Larry Edmunds Bookshop remains the only place where you can get an autographed copy. If interested, you can buy Film Noir Style on their website. 

Promotion for the book will be picking up soon - Film Noir Style is ready for its close up!

For the book signing, 
I wore a 1970s black shirtdress with cerulean blue snakeskin embossed pumps -
the 1970s was a decade that revisited the 1940s for a lot of its style

Mask on!
Staying safe signing in the "author's outdoor annex" at Hollywood's Larry Edmunds Bookshop


Silver Screenings said...

SOLD OUT! Of course it did. That is awesome! Congratulations!

Kimberly Truhler said...

Thank you so much, Ruth!

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