Friday, January 29, 2021

Sold Out at Larry Edmunds - Again - and #1 Movie History New Release on Amazon


Even before I went back to sign the second batch of Film Noir Style at the Larry Edmunds Bookshop last week, I learned I had SOLD OUT AGAIN! It was an incredible afternoon on Hollywood Boulevard that followed an incredible morning appearing on Chicago's WGN Morning News to promote the book.

For those who still want to buy an autographed copy through Larry Edmunds, they have just placed a third order for more. However, quantities will be extremely limited, so make sure to jump on it immediately once they announce that Film Noir Style is back in stock at the store.

For the signing, I wore a purple 1970s shirtdress 
with a wing collar favored by 1940s costume designer Orry-Kelly
and white leopard (faux fur) pumps

Then as if things couldn't get better, I learned from my publisher that Film Noir Style had become the #1 New Release for Movie History & Criticism on Amazon. This is so encouraging to me because it means the book is truly reaching a wide audience.

The response online has been absolutely incredible - thank you to everyone who has reached out to me. I love how many have shared their excitement at receiving Film Noir Style as well as all the wonderful compliments after reading the book. One gentlemen recently thanked me for being "seriously erudite on the subject" and then posted, "It's a great read - as informative as it is entertaining." I can't ask for much better than that.

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