Saturday, June 18, 2022

Special Guest on TCM's FOLLOW THE THREAD Series

As I continue my History of Fashion in Film series online - the 1920s can be viewed on demand and the 1930s are July 17 - Turner Classic Movies (TCM) has launched their own series celebrating costume design called Follow the Thread. Inspired by the Met Exhibition and hosted by Alicia Malone, fashion designers and costume designers speak to the complexity and impact of costume design in film. It airs every Saturday night in June and July. 

TCM has made this an even bigger event with more programming on HBO Max. The 72 films featured there will be accompanied by mini-documentaries on various aspects of fashion in film. I am one of the Special Guests featured in these programs, which can also be seen in interstitials in between movies on air. You will find me included in The Stars and Their Designers and Dressed to Kill: Films, Crime, and Fashion

I shot my segments during the TCM Classic Film Festival in April with producer Courtney O'Brien (pictured above) and director Anne McGill Wilson. Their invitation actually came as a complete surprise. The TCM Talent team reached out to me while I was hiking atop the Santa Monica mountains, and they sent a car to whisk me across town to the Roosevelt Hotel for the shoot. I have known many of TCM's production team for years, so it was a wonderful afternoon.

Speaking about the influential costume design on air

Have fun with Follow the Thread 
and I'll see you in July for the History of Fashion in Film 1930s!

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