Thursday, May 18, 2023

FILM NOIR STYLE Starts a Summer of Noir at the American Cinematheque


Thanks to everyone who came to the first event for my Film Noir Style series at the American Cinematheque! Packed house, people raved about my talk, and lots of books signed and sold for the Larry Edmunds Bookshop. And I made it on the marquee! Wow. 

The second event of the series - The War Years with a screening of Laura (1944) - will be June 25. Click the link to learn more about the entire Film Noir Series, including dates and the films that will be discussed.

Because the first event in my Film Noir Style series focused on "Before the War 1940-1941," I chose a two-tone pale blue 1970s dress that reflected a lot of early 1940s style and some of the influence of costume designer Orry-Kelly. My accessories included a 1950s salmon patent leather purse and floral satin pumps from Louise et Cie.

Though the audience at the event was largely new to me - which I loved - I did see some familiar faces who have come to my other events. But my most special guest at Film Noir Style was Kevin. He can't often join me, so I loved having him there to see it all and meet some people who are important to me.

At long last Jeff Mantor and I were able to do an event and book signing together! Film Noir Style came out during the pandemic, so things were delayed for us a bit. The feedback from people on both my book and event were absolutely incredible. Several men bought it after being blown away by my talk. And another gentleman brought his well-read copy from home for me to sign. Jeff and I teased some people that he got his Ava Gardner tattoo because he was such a fan of my book.

The screen as the audience entered the theater

Welcoming everyone to an event that's a dream come true -
finally starting a series to support my book Film Noir Style

Exploring the origins of film noir and digging into the backstory of The Maltese Falcon,
which was one of three movies I discussed and our screening that day

Jeff and I pause to take a selfie in front of the marquee

See you June 25 for "The War Years 1942-1945" and a screening of Laura!

Thanks to the American Cinematheque, Jeff, and Kevin for photos

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