Saturday, August 19, 2023

July was a Celebration of 1946 FILM NOIR STYLE at the Aero


Thanks to all who came to my third Film Noir Style event for the American Cinematheque - "The Year of Transition 1946"! Everyone said they had a wonderful time and it was such fun celebrating the peak year of film noir style. Gilda, The Killers, The Postman Always Rings Twice, and The Big Sleep are all among the iconic film noir that premiered that year and continue to be highly influential on fashion.

Seeing Ava Gardner in The Killers on the big screen was extraordinary. Every actor is pure perfection in it and you can't get much better than its cinematographer Woody Bredell.

As always, much love to Jeff Mantor of the Larry Edmunds Bookshop for supporting me and another book signing.

See you Sunday, September 10 for the final event in the Film Noir Style series - "The Post-War Years 1947-1950" with a screening of Out of the Past (1947)!

I wore a red Dress the Population sheath with a sweetheart neckline, 
a signature 1940s design detail that Vera West incorporated into one of Ava's costumes in The Killers.
 And I paired it with leopard Sam Edelman pumps and a red patent vintage purse.

Starting by sharing the five film noir that I would discuss at the event

Signing books once again with Jeff Mantor of the historic Larry Edmunds Bookshop

See you September 10 for "The Post-War Years" and a screening of Out of the Past (1947)!

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