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Palm Springs Celebrates the Escapism of Kalloch's Costumes in 1938's HOLIDAY


What could be better than classic film in Palm Springs? On May 5, I introduced George Cukor's Holiday (1938) as part of the Film Society of Screwball Comedy series Screwball Sundays. It was a lovely afternoon at the historic Camelot Theatre. I was thrilled so many people came to see the movie in beautiful 35mm and hear the stories behind its style. We discussed everything from Katharine Hepburn's full circle moment with Holiday to the enormous impact costume designer Kalloch made in the genre of screwball comedy.

The theatre was full and - when I asked from the podium - learned that most of the audience had never seen Holiday. Even so, there were still many film fans in the room. In fact, some like Steven Smith and Margaret McGregor (who took some of the photos below) had even been to past events of mine in Los Angeles. 

Walking up the aisle of the theatre after my introduction, a seated couple grabbed my arm as I passed and said "That was worth the price of admission." Still others gave me much the same message when they came to buy my book. And there was so much laughter through the theatre as we all enjoyed the film together. It doesn't get much better than that.

Thanks to Aliece Pickett for organizing such a fun series and inviting me to be part of it!

My ensemble was inspired by Kalloch's black gown and Joseff of Hollywood necklaces in Holiday -
dress is by Tuckernuck and necklace is 1950s vintage Weiss

With Film Society of Screwball Comedy's Aliece Pickett

Discussion with Aliece after the film

Book signing after the film allowed me to speak with many people, 
including Margaret McGregor who has come to my events and drove all the way from LA

A respite at the La Quinta resort with Kevin

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